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50 Social Post Ideas for Coffee Shops ☕️

Marketing 10 minute read 26th September 2021

Running low on ideas? If you’re looking for inspiration for social post ideas that will actually engage with your audience, you’ve come to the right place.

With the pressure of the hospitality industry, your staff or work team might not take too kindly if they saw you taking an afternoon out for ‘social post ideation’.

But social media remains one of the most important marketing strategies any business can have.

We’ll reveal why social media should be at the forefront of your mind and give you a serious leg-up with 50 brilliant social media content ideas for coffee shops.

Why social media is important for coffee shops

According to Smart Insights, nearly 54% of the world’s population uses social media. What’s more, they spend around two hours and 25 minutes, on average, scrolling through their feeds each day.

That’s an awful lot of attention that could be directed towards your coffee shop.

With more than half the world now using social media, it’s a marketing channel you simply can’t ignore. This is not least because 99% of those social media users are accessing platforms like Twitter and Instagram via their smartphones.

That’s arguably the most important stat of the lot. People rely on their smartphones to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world, both at large and locally. Imagine if your coffee shop appeared within their Instagram feed at just the right moment! It’d probably result in a brand-new customer you’d otherwise have missed.

Although there is, arguably, a fair amount of effort required to make a success of your coffee shop’s brand on social media, once you successfully engage with followers, you’re onto a good thing. In fact, it’s thought that 89% of consumers will buy from a brand after engaging with them on social media.

Our top 50 favourite social post ideas for coffee shops

Make sure you bookmark this page because we’re about to give you a huge head start with 50 brilliant social post ideas for coffee shops.

  1. Latte art. It’s a fave of ours. Which employee can do the best? Show an employee learning, or even give a regular customer a go and post their efforts!! idea 1
  2. Showcase your signature drinks whenever they first enter the menu
  3. Shoot a video walkthrough of your venue to show what a nice place it is (wait for a sunny day!)
  4. Conduct a one-minute interview with a member of the team (you could do one each week or month)
  5. Show behind the scenes of what happens when you receive a new coffee bean delivery idea 5
  6. Cross-promote your social accounts by, for instance, encouraging your Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram
  7. Re-share user-generated content, whether it’s photos of their time at your coffee shop or lovely reviews
  8. Make announcements whenever something notable happens, from a new member of staff starting to a tweaked menu. People like to feel part of the community, and your staff are a big part of that.
  9. Promote your seasonal drinks and make sure you use relevant, trending hashtags for the season in question
  10. Ask happy customers to leave a one word or single sentence video review on departure
  11. Jump on every big annual celebration and use a tool like Canva to make an attractive social graphic (it’s easy)
  12. Reveal how allergen-friendly you are by photographing your gluten-free and dairy-free drinks and snacks
  13. Schedule a daily ‘quote of the day’ post
  14. Re-post any coffee shop related memes or GIFs that you find funny idea 14
  15. Run a poll - for instance, ask your followers to vote for their favourite type of coffee
  16. Ask a question every day (doesn’t have to be coffee-related - you could just ask what people are looking forward to the most each day, for instance!)
  17. Run a survey to help you nail down the next iteration of your menu
  18. Gradually tease out the story behind your venue; a series of tweets about its genesis will create intrigue and add personality to the brand
  19. Share your coffee recipes
  20. Each week, go live and reveal how you make a specific drink on your menu idea 20
  21. Do a weekly shout-out to each of your suppliers (make sure you tag them!)
  22. Host a social media takeover each week and invite a member of the team to answer questions
  23. Each morning take a photo of your empty, just-opened coffee shop and say you can’t wait to see everyone
  24. Live stream whenever the coffee shop is really busy to illustrate how popular and buzzing it is
  25. Share brew-at-home tips idea 25
  26. Remind people that they can order online and have their favourite coffee delivered direct to their door (if you offer that option)
  27. Ask staff members to reveal their favourite drinks on your menu
  28. Ask followers to share their home coffee setup.
  29. Take LOADS of photos of your mugs and glassware and occasionally publish them on Instagram to increase brand awareness
  30. If you offer food items, reveal step-by-step photos for how each one is made
  31. Take ultra close-up photos of your sweet treats to get followers’ mouths watering
  32. If you source local ingredients, mention the suppliers every month and make sure you tag them into the posts
  33. Every time you run a promotion, make social media the focus of its marketing effort (create your own hashtag for each promotion)
  34. Incentivise followers to share your content by offering a free drink to the first ten people who do
  35. Run a contest with a giveaway (something of high value to them, but low cost to you - again, a free drink will usually do the trick!)
  36. Don’t be afraid to re-post high performing older content idea 36
  37. If you or your employees help out in the community in any way, reveal what you do on the coffee shop’s social media platforms
  38. Try and tie-in your posts with current events but stay away from sensitive or divisive topics
  39. Suggest walks, parks or attractions that are close to your coffee shop.
  40. Celebrate your most loyal customers by grabbing a selfie with them and revealing how many times they’ve returned (if you know the frequency)
  41. Take photos of any features that are unique to your coffee shop - be it architectural, internal or the layout
  42. Run last-minute promotions towards the end of the day to try and grab some local business
  43. Tempt people to subscribe to your email list by offering a drink on the house if they do so
  44. Shout out to other local businesses in the area.
  45. Promote your presence on review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp and ask people to leave a quick review.
  46. Schedule an AMA (ask me anything) and encourage people to send in questions
  47. Shoot some videos of the staff having fun at work. Anything captured on video will add authenticity to your posts.
  48. If you’re pet-friendly, take plenty of photos of the dogs who enter your coffee shop idea 48
  49. If you’re lucky enough to get a review on a local paper’s website or from a food/travel blogger - grab a snippet and share the link
  50. Film your delivery driver driving or cycling off and post it alongside a direct link to your online ordering platform

Wrapping up

Well, that should keep you busy, shouldn’t it?

Coming up with new social media post ideas for coffee shops isn’t easy, but the great thing about our list above is that the ideas can be re-used again and again.

Experiment, have fun and listen to your audience; they’ll often reveal what kind of content you should be focusing on.

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