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Insights 2.0, real-time emails and network upgrades

Insights 2.0

Insights are a way to visualise the data your Beambox collects quickly and accurately. With beautiful graphs and charts, we have re-invented our Insights through three easy to digest interfaces.

  • Footfall - Using login data and Presence Detection™, overview your footfall traffic over time and plot your busiest days and hours.
  • Demographics - Know your guests like never before with demographic segmentation that answers the who, why and when of your customer base.
  • Engagement - Measure marketing ROI more accurately than ever before with email sending analytics. See how your guests are engaging with the emails you send using Blasts and Interactions.

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Hourly Interactions

Interactions provide a way to engage with your guests depending on how they interact with your venue. Prompt new guests to leave a review, reward loyal guests with rewards or just wish your guest happy birthday.

We have now added the ability to send behavioural emails by the hour, increasing engagement rates in real-time scenarios. One of the most popular uses being the ability to now send TripAdvisor review prompts a few hours after a guests first visit.

Create a real-time Interaction now.

Network upgrades

We have now completed a scheduled upgrade of all Beambox access points worldwide. This upgrade brings significant performance and stability improvements, which improve the guest WiFi experience even further.

Additionally, we have launched improvements to our Presence Detection™ algorithm. Presence Detection™ works by scanning periodically for devices that have previously connected to the network. This feature powers our ability to build accurate guest profiles, that in turn powers our email targetting features and insights accuracy.

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