5 WiFi Login Best Practices to Perfect The Guest Experience

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Setting up your WiFi for the best customer experience can be the difference between someone purchasing and becoming a customer, or leaving! We’ve created Beambox from the ground up to offer small to medium businesses the tools they need to grow their business. Our plug and play tech offers the ability to set-up quickly and integrate with popular marketing integrations. There’s nothing worse than complicated and technical set-up and maintenance for you or your customers.

1. Make sure people know!

Display the fact that you have free WiFi prominently in your venue. If you rely on passing trade, display clearly in the window and make sure you also update any online listings or descriptions so that they appear alongside your venue results. We’ve designed a whole collection of WiFi logos that you can download and use for free across your venue and printed materials.

Get it for free: 8 High Quality WiFi Logos

2. Name your network wisely

Make sure to choose a clear name for your WiFi network, usually something like ‘your venue name Guest WiFi’ will be easy to pick out. Depending on your location, there may be loads of other local networks from nearby businesses that could confuse things. Sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how many venues still have ‘router8474’ as their network name!

3. Get on brand!

Think carefully about the design of your WiFi login page. It should feel like an extension of your physical premises with up to date branding and colour scheme. With the Beambox landing page builder, you could be up and running within minutes. Upload your logo and choose the information you’d like to collect and set your page live to start connecting with your customers and growing your social media following and email list on autopilot as well as gathering vital information to help you make key business decisions.

4. Follow up on the visit

Don’t let the customer walking out of the door be the end of your relationship. Using the contact details that you’ve gained from WiFi marketing you can send a request for a review, or even follow up with a special offer to ensure repeat custom. According to research from Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, acquiring a new customer may cost up to 5 times as much as retaining an existing one so make those marketing messages count

5. Get Personal

Use data to personalise the experience. Email is a great example of using data to personalise communications with customers. Most WiFi marketing systems will allow you to collect first and last names (Beambox goes one step further and allows you as many custom fields as you would like). The more personalised the message

Once you’ve decided on your settings and have everything running you can let the system do its thing, and concentrate on running your business. By using discount codes and other tracked incentives you’ll be able to track how effective your marketing has been and refine your processes. Using systems such as Beambox, all the important data will be available to you to work out your next campaign on the journey to success.

Sign up for a free Beambox trial now and start building your custom WiFi login and marketing campaigns.

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