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Product Updates 2 minute read 05 October 2020

For multi-site brands, one of the most challenging aspects of implementing WiFi marketing is being able to conveniently scale it across all of your venues without compromising your management experience. It’s not an easy thing to do, primarily because the obstacles aren’t always black and white.

  • You may have different hardware brands at each location
  • Your locations may be spread out across the country
  • You may have locations in multiple countries and regions

Beambox is kicking off 2020 strong by solving all of these problems with a worldwide WiFi marketing solution that is compatible with all of your hardware. You can now conveniently add additional locations straight from your Beambox dashboard.

Add additional locations

How it works

To get started, simply head to ‘Locations’ in your navigation and then select ‘Add Location’ to get started. When adding plug & play locations, you’ll be prompted to enter your delivery address. When adding UniFi and Meraki locations, you will be able to instantly deploy your WiFi login through the cloud integration.

With a multi-location account, you’ll have the convenience of managing all of your locations from one login, while still being able to segmenet your data, analytics and marketing by location.

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