Automatic Password Rotation

Product Updates 2 minute read 29 April 2021

Thousands of businesses are already using Beambox to take control of when guests can connect to their WiFi with our Access Hours feature.

As well as time control, Password Bypass is a feature that provides a custom pop-up can be used to help offset expensive broadband contracts and data charges by actively prompting your customers to purchase products after they’ve been connected for a set time.

When that chosen time limit is up, the customer is disconnected and presented with your message, where you can ask them to buy another product in return for a password that will unlock access.

We’ve now taken the Password Bypass feature one step further by including automation options that can change that password either every day, week, or month.


Generating a new password gives you an added layer of control and security over your network, as well as convenience.

Changing your password avoids the possibility of users returning on multiple days and logging on for significant periods of time without having purchased an item.

Instead of setting reminders to manually change your account, Password Rotation takes care of the admin for you and automatically emails the new connection password to everyone that has access to your Beambox account.

Have a feature request? Let the team know! We’re always adding new features to make Beambox bigger and better.

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