Beambox Email Designer 2.0

Product Updates 3 minute read 05 October 2020

We have just launched our latest version of the Beambox Email Designer, featuring a new template system, new customisation features and responsive email previewing.

The Email Designer is now live on email Blasts, which let you send a one-time email campaign to a segment of your guests, as well as our email Interactions, which let you automate email sending when guests meet a certain criteria.

We are constantly adding new criteria to define what a modern email designer should be like and will continue to add new features to Email Designer 2.0 over the next few months. If you have any big ideas that you’d like to see part of our feature roadmap, let us know!

New template management

Email template manager

You can now save your email designs and re-use them in new campaigns. Your templates will be shared across both Blasts and Interactions, you can load them in just 2 clicks and you can even duplicate and adapt previous templates. Look for the ‘Save as Template’ and ‘Load a Template’ buttons in the top-right of the email designer.

Improved customisation

Add free stock photos

We have added a ton of new features and controls to give you more customisation over the look and feel of your emails.

Responsive email previewing

Alt Text

You can now preview how your email will look across different devices straight from the email designer. Most consumers read emails on their phone over computers, so it’s important that responsive email design is accounted for.

While Beambox will automatically create a responsive version of your email design, you also have advanced controls to hide content when viewed on smaller devices.

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