We're Upgrading Your Plug & Play Access Points

Product Updates 3 minute read 05 October 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our V7 software for Beambox plug & play access points. This is by far our biggest upgrade yet and brings significant speed, stability and feature improvements to your hardware.

Our plug & play access points are used worldwide to deploy Beambox guest networks at a variety of forward-thinking venues. The update will be issued to all access points automatically. Venues can expect 5-10 minutes of downtime while your Beambox re-launches and connects to your account.

Important: Please check that the cable going into your Beambox is using the WAN/POE port. The LAN port should remain empty, if you are using the LAN port currently, your Beambox will stop working until it is switched over to the correct WAN/POE port.

What’s changing?

We have started from the ground up, to make sure we can go all the way in ensuring your Beambox hardware is performing to the best of its abilities. Here’s some of the improvements you can expect:

  • Increased device support and range connectivity
  • Real-time updating for SSID and access limits
  • Updated support for browser redirecting to login pages (Both HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Significantly quicker captive portal pop-ups
  • Signficiantly quicker authorisation on succesful login
  • Improved compatibility for stricter router firewalls
  • Improved LED patterns for connectivity debugging

Don’t worry, you won’t notice any changes to the WiFi login flow itself. It will just be a lot quicker!

Missed our last update? Collect Custom Data with Your WiFi Login

Check your ports!

In a correct set up, only one cable should be going into your Beambox and it should be in the ‘WAN/POE’ port. However, our engineres also configured the ‘LAN’ port to do exactly the same as the ‘WAN/POE’, so that even in an incorrect setup Beambox would still work.

This will change and incorrect setups will not have internet access. To prevent this from happening, please ensure that your Beambox is wired up correctly. You can also find our plug & play installation guide here.

Beambox Setup Diagram

Have any questions about your Beambox upgrade? Contact our team here.

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