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Product Updates 2 minute read 13 May 2021

If you have an existing HTML email template that’s been designed for your business, you can now use it with Beambox Interaction and Blasts to send emails.

Just to recap;

Blasts: One-off emails sent to sections or all of your email list (like a newsletter, a promotion, your reopening)

Interactions: Personalised emails that are automatically sent when individual guests meet a set criteria (reward customers on their Birthday, or for loyal customers that have visited you multiple times)

Of course, the Beambox email builder is still available to create stylish email templates from scratch so you don’t need to know HTML to be able to send an email, but if you do, the option is there.

2021-05-13 15.27.59

To access the HTML editor, just head to the broadcast you are looking to edit (or create a new one) and ‘switch to HTML’ will be an option available. This brings up our lightweight editor where you can edit the code directly in your browser and see the changes in a real-time preview.

Use HTML editor in Beambox email designer

If you’re looking for a cheaper option than expensive email senders that have complex features that you just don’t use, Beambox could be the solution. Accounts currently include unlimited email sending.

Ready to give it a go? Read the full walkthough guide here.

Need some inspiration for an email campaign? How to write emails that get opened and convert

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