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Product Updates 2 minute read 06 May 2021

Email is still a king amongst marketing channels. We knew we had to offer you an unfair advantage to help grow your email list.

Introducing embeddable forms

A much-requested feature, Embeddable Forms allow you to capture email customer details and email addresses from your own website. All the data is instantly sent and saved on your Beambox account in the guest database.

From the Beambox dashboard you can then send email marketing campaigns to increase bookings and sales!

You can decide whether you would like your embeddable form to pop up, upon visiting your website (which we recommend, that’s what we do), or you can embed your form into a particular area on your website.

If you aren’t sure where the code needs to go, get the help of your website provider or tech team, it’s not a complex job as all of the design and clever stuff happens within your Beambox dashboard.

Embed forms custom fields

As well as changing the appearance of the form from your Beambox dashboard, you can also configure the fields. This allows you to decide which information you’d like to capture for your guests.

Embeddable Forms are available as standard across all levels of Beambox accounts, they were just too good not to share. Start your free 30-day free trial here, or if you’re already a customer head to the in-depth support guide to get walkthrough instructions.

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