Control When Your Guests Can use Your WiFi with Access Hours

Product Updates 2 minute read 05 October 2020

If you’re familiar with having to turn your network on whenever your venue opens and off whenever you close, we have good news for you.

Beambox now provides access hours, a feature that lets you set your venues business hours and restrict out of hours network access. It is a useful feature to prevent neighbours from taking advantage of your public WiFi and ensuring your network is appropriately secured. It also saves you the hassle of having to turn off your WiFi whenever your venue closes.

How to use it

Getting started with access hours is simple and you can apply it to your Beambox guest networks instantly. To begin, login to your account.

1. Open your Setup

Set your WiFi limits

Your Beambox Setup allows you to brand, customise and manage everything about your guest WiFi in real-time. Any updates will instantly reflect on your network and you don’t have to be at the venue to make any changes.

Once logged in to your account, simply click Setup in the navigation.

2. Head to Access Limits

Set your access limits

Go through the Setup until you reach step 5, your access limits. This step is where you decide how your guest WiFi can be used.

In the Access Hours section, select your opening and closing times and then click Save & Continue

That’s it! Your guest WiFi will now not let guests sign in outside of your venues business hours. When they do, they will be presented with your branded limit page.

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