Grow Your Online Reviews on Autopilot With Review Automator

Product Updates 4 minute read 05 October 2020

Online reviews are a potent force when it comes to new customer acquisition. Consumers utilise online review sites such as TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook as a tool of discovery to find local businesses that are tried and tested.

Existing methods to incentivise online reviews are ambitious at best and most venues rely on organic reviews. This does, however, create a bias towards higher footfall venues, where increased reviews are more likely but not necessarily reflective of how great the venue is.

This is a problem, as TripAdvisor ranks venues based on review volume and frequency. So, we have spent the last 2 months designing and building a platform which uses your guest WiFi to accelerate your reviews and give you the exposure you deserve.

We are now excited to announce the launch of Review Automator, our platform to protect, overview and grow your online reviews on autopilot.

How it works

It works by sending a timed email to your guest after their first visit, including a 5-star rating. If they select 3 stars or less, they are redirected to an internal feedback form.

If they select 4 or 5 stars, they are automatically pushed to your online review pages.

It takes around 60 seconds to set up and is available to all customers on the Marketing plan.

Getting started

For existing customers on the Marketing plan, you will be able to enable Review Automator by logging in and heading to Reviews in the navigation.

Beambox will set everything up for you, including the Interaction for the automated rating email. As with any Interaction, you can use our drag and drop designer to customise the look and feel, as well as the trigger recipe.

It’s that simple. You’ll begin to see an increase in online reviews and your TripAdvisor exposure will grow over your competitors. You can use the Reviews dashboard to see an overview of your reviews and gain immediate insight into the guest experience.

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