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How Beambox is Handling GDPR

Product Updates 1 minute read 17 April 2018

On May 25th 2018, the EU General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) is activated, requiring compliance for all EU businesses processing or controlling personal data.

For us, it's privacy by design across our WiFi login that will be used to provide compliance for all businesses using Beambox. Because we use cloud technology, our WiFi networks all across the world will automatically update with the required changes. This is scheduled to happen on the 1st May.

For the most part, the logins will stay the same. However, there are a few key changes:

  1. Users will be required to accept the Terms of WiFi and Privacy Policy, plus will be provided with a separate opt-in for email marketing.
  2. When logging in again, users will be able to manage their email marketing opt-in and will be able to review the Privacy Policy and Terms of WiFi.
  3. A revised Privacy Policy will cover required aspects of the legislation such as data expiry and data control, with a Beambox Data Protection Officer being assigned to manage requests.

Your Beambox customer database will remain compliant and opt-ins to email marketing will be automatically reflected in customer profiles. For example, if you use our MailChimp Integration and a user hasn't opted-in to email marketing, we will automatically update their contact as unsubscribed.

Look out for the changes on May 1st and just let us know if you have any GDPR questions that need answering.

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