How to use your WiFi to be compliant with Contact Tracing

Product Updates 7 minute read 05 October 2020

Despite the worldwide battle against COVID-19, hospitality venues are fighting on. Venues worldwide continue to provide value to local communities while protecting them with new safety measures and protocols.

The latest and most significant obstacle of them all is contact tracing, which governments are implementing worldwide to be more responsive to outbreaks.

Now, hospitality venues in most countries are going to be legally required to capture guest information to support these contact tracing programs.

What is contact tracing?

Contact tracing is a method of dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks by tracing contacts between infections and the general public. Governments have a few different methods for contact tracing, such as…

By asking venues such as cafes, restaurants and bars to identify all visitors to their business, an accurate list of interactions can be compiled based on where the infected person has been in the last 21-30 days.

It’s a highly effective way of contact tracing but up to this point has depended on the venues complying. Ultimately, it was the government asking nicely and saying please.

Now, it’s changing. Countries are announcing that they plan to legally enforce hospitality venues to capture guest information. This is all so that we can stunt outbreaks as they happen and get back to business as normal a little bit quicker.

If you are a hospitality venue, it’s time to get a system in place that ensures you will be compliant with contract tracing laws. Leaving it too late could result in fines and more importantly, could have a negative impact on the guest experience.

Your options

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to contact tracing for your venue. It depends on your circumstances, venue layout as well as staff availability. These are the most common choices..

Government-supported apps

Some governments are launching their own apps, which typically use QR codes and depend on guest app registration. For example, the UK’s contact tracing app.

This is a convenient solution, although it does depend on the guest having to register with the app. It also does not provide any benefit to the venue, which is a missed opportunity in my opinion!

You’ll need to make some preparations too…

Log visits manually

A bit old school I know, but you can always take down the data manually using your existing booking system or even a spreadsheet.

In fact, back in July, we launched a FREE Contact Tracing Spreadsheet that you can download right now and get started with. Great if you’re in a hurry and could do without all of the bells and whistles.

Get the FREE Contact Tracing Spreadsheet

Just remember to hit save!

Here’s where your WiFi comes in

There’s a better option. It doesn’t require any staff training, manual data entry or third-party apps. In fact, it doesn’t require much effort at all and uses something your guests already know about and use. It’s your Free WiFi of course.

Using a guest WiFi solution (Beambox or otherwise), you can capture guest contact details when they enter the venue using your WiFi login. Here are the top 5 benefits…

  1. It’s completely self-service, your guests can access it at any time.
  2. You can still use QR codes to prompt guests (Use our QR code generator)
  3. You can customise your WiFi login to display your latest events and promotions.
  4. It’s a better guest experience, your guests will be remembered automatically when they come back.
  5. You can capture marketing opt-ins to build your marketing database at the same time.

See how Beambox provides Contact Tracing compliance

How about a 30 day free trial?

We always save the best bit until last. Beambox provides a commitment-free 30 day trial so that you can get up and running in minutes, not weeks.

With a Plug & Play Beambox, we’ll send you an access point which simply connects to your existing router and instantly launches your branded WiFi login.

Just like that, you’re compliant. No extra hand sanitizer needed!

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