How to write emails that get opened and convert

Marketing 7 minute read 24 November 2020

Email is easy to overlook in all the excitement of the latest big thing in social media. But, as a hospitality marketing tool it is still a powerhouse of communication, providing a low-cost direct link to your customers. If email was invented today, that would sound pretty good as a marketing tool, right?

The ability to reach a guest’s inbox can be far more powerful and direct than a social media campaign or shot-in-the-dark brochure drop.

The key to writing an email that tempts guests back (be they hotel guests or restaurant diners) lies with three elements:


Write an attention-grabbing subject line. It all starts (or ends) with the subject line. Make sure yours leaps out of their inbox.



Thanks so much for visiting, David


We would like you to leave a review of our property - please open this email to find out how

Don’t forget the preview text

It’s easy to forget to add the little text snippet which appears next to the subject line in the recipient’s inbox. Don’t. 2


Your opinion matters - tell us what you think!


Good morning, we’d like to thank you for coming to dine with us on Saturday. It was great…

Grab their attention immediately

Make sure you grab their attention

Once they’ve opened the email, you need to hook them in and come good on any promises you made in the subject line. Get to the point quickly.


It means a lot that you chose our restaurant, but we’d love to hear what you think. Tell us - and the world - what you thought about our service by leaving a review.


We’re wondering what you thought about the meal you had at our restaurant last week. Over the last three years we’ve been redeveloping our menu and doing up the restaurant. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve done, and our new chef has made an incredible impact on the business. However, we’d like to know what you thought about the dinner you had and how we can improve. So, if you’ve got some time, please scroll to the bottom of this email and leave a review.

Write for the web

The copy in your email needs to follow a logical structure, and only rely on short paragraphs.

Write for the web


Thanks for your lovely review!

As a thanks, we’d love to welcome you back to try out our brand-new menu. Even better news: the starter is on us!

All you need to do is book via our website. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.


We noticed that you left a review which was positive on TripAdvisor. Thanks very much, we really appreciate everything you said about the restaurant. This is important to us because we’ve spent a lot of money refurbishing the place and it’s good to know it was worthwhile. So, why not come back again and try out some of our new dishes. Our chef has worked hard to create a brand-new menu which we think you’re really going to enjoy (along with your family and friends, of course). But we would also like to help out by providing the starter free of charge…

…and so on.

Don’t shout

##It’s rude.

Don't use all caps to write email


It would mean the world if you could give us a ‘like’ on Facebook.


Hey. We’re trying to increase our social following, so PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK.

Don’t go overboard with imagery

Images draw people into emails and keep them hooked, but it’s easy to get this element wrong. 5


When it comes to guest re-engagement and emails which convert, it’s satisfyingly simple. You just need to rely on something called ‘personalisation’, which relies on guest data to address them directly by name and refer to aspects of their previous buying behaviour. Here are a few examples of how to do it - and how not to do it.


Body text: “Our brand-new gluten-free menu is going to be right up your street, Kate. Check it out!”


Body text: “We don’t know if you’re vegan or not, but if you are, you might like these new dishes.”


This is it. Your chance to get the recipient to do something. Don’t screw it up.

Effective email CTA


Activate your 10% discount now!


Click here

When it comes to standing out in someones inbox, make sure to use eveything listed above to have the best chance to make an impact. Modern email builders will be able to provide a wealth of data to show which content is having an impact. Monitoring these stats and learning what works is key to success. Learn more about how you can grow your email list with a Beambox trial, and check out just how easy it is to send a campaign with Blasts, our built-in email composer.

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