Improve Email Delivery With DKIM

Product Updates 1 minute read 20 May 2021

Why do I need it?

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an authentication standard that’s used to prove that emails are coming from the right place.

DKIM matched up a domain name with an email message so that email providers can recognise that emails from, for example, actually originate from the domain.

By proving there’s no funny business going on it’s more likely that your emails will make it past spam filters and security checks and end up being delivered successfully. If you’ve got a large database, this could make a significant difference to your marketing.

DKIM verification guide

To ensure our customers maintain the best possible sender reputation and to uphold legitimate sending behaviour, we have now made it possible to create DKIM records on your DNS server for your Beambox sender email address.

To set up your DKIM signature for emails sent through your Beambox account, head to our in-depth DKIM set-up guide.

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