Introducing Insights 3.0

Product Updates 4 minute read 18 February 2021

Insights just got even more powerful. We’ve revamped the whole experience to make it easier to spot customer trends and opportunities for your marketing at a glance.

Insights are currently available through the Beambox dashboard across all account types. Head to your dashboard now to view key data in one of four areas. Overview guest banner

Here’s what you can expect:


The front line of your marketing arsenal. See the response to your sent Interactions (emails and SMS). Track how many have opened your emails and how many have actually clicked a link. No more guesswork.

Unsure which data you should be measuring? Uncover your most important KPI’s with our guide

Engagement is plotted on a graph so you can see data from that month, or historically over the lifetime of your account and easily pick out your most successful behavioural marketing campaigns.

Email engagement over time


Get an instant overview of how busy your venue has been. This is calculated by the number of individuals that have logged onto your WiFi network.

Upfront, you’ll get the important headline stats that show you your busiest times and busiest days at a glance.

Footfall heat map

Brand new heat maps have been added so you can quickly spot trends (no-one like staring at a boring spreadsheet). How easy was it to spot that dark green area? Data can be easily filtered if you have more than one location.

All-important return-rate of customers can also be viewed, showing the average time between visits as well as the average guest lifetime.


The business-end of your Insights. Check which age ranges are visiting your venue and how often.

You’ll also see devices used under this category. Keep track of how many phones, tablets and laptops are logging into your WiFi network. Seeing an uplift in laptop use? Maybe that remote working ad you put live is working.

Custom Segments is where you can take control of your data. Use powerful filtering to build your own segments and see how they compare in their own tab.


A powerful reputation management tool, at a glance. No more hunting around on various platforms; see all your new reviews in one place. Use the reputation tool to see how your reviews have changed over time, as you push for 5-star excellence.

Reputation over time

Existing customers can head to their dashboard now to view the new features.

New customers are able to request a free 30-day trial here.

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