Launch a Guest WiFi Login Across Your Aruba Networks

Product Updates 3 minute read 25 June 2020

Aruba is a powerful and popular brand of networking equipment. Cloud-connected through Aruba Central, it provides a flexible and fully-featured management platform for businesses of all sizes. Now, you can effortlessly integrate Beambox with Aruba Central in just a few minutes.

Once activated, guests will be presented with your branded WiFi login upon connecting to your network. They can log in to your guest WiFi using social logins or by form. Installing Beambox on your Aruba network allows you to provide a better experience for your guests while enabling exciting growth opportunities for your venue.

You will be able to brand, customise and manage your guest WiFi login at any time from the Beambox platform. You'll also have a real-time overview of who's using your network, plus powerful analytics and insights that visualise your growth over time.

How it works

After signing up for your 30 day trial, you can use the step by step self-install guide to add Beambox to your Aruba network. The guide takes just a few minutes to complete and uses the existing Aruba Central settings to integrate your Beambox WiFi login.

You can add Beambox to as many networks as you would like and there are no limits to the number of access points that you can have on your guest networks. This provides a flexible solution to provide great guest WiFi that works for your business.

Read the guide: Installing Beambox on your Aruba networks

Getting started

Ready to power up your Aruba Central networks? Sign up for your free 30 day marketing trial here. After signing up, You'll be able to activate Beambox on your Aruba networks and see what Beambox can do for your venue.

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