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Launch a Guest WiFi Login Across Your UniFi Networks

Product Updates 3 minute read 22 April 2019

UniFi is one of the most popular brands in networking, providing scalable cloud-controlled hardware that serves businesses of all sizes worldwide. You can now seamlessly install Beambox in minutes across your entire UniFi network using our cloud controller integration.

Once installed, guests will be presented with your branded WiFi login upon connection to your network. They can then login to your guest WiFi using social media or a manual email form. Installing Beambox on your UniFi network allows you to provide a better experience for your guests while enabling exciting growth opportunities for your venue.

You will be able to brand, customise and manage your guest WiFi login at any time from our online platform. You'll also have a real-time overview of who's using your network, plus some powerful analytics that visualises your growth over time.

How it works

After signing up for your 1-month trial, Beambox will automatically connect to your UniFi Controller using a new admin login that you will create. Once connected, it will automatically configure your guest policy settings and add Beambox as an external portal server.

Instantly, your guests will be displayed with a captive portal when connecting to the network and be presented with your branded WiFi login. When a guest successfully connects to your WiFi, our system will authenticate the device on your controller in lightning speed ⚡️

You can conveniently enable and disable the guest policies through your UniFi controller at any time. You can also install Beambox on individual sites inside of your controller instead of all of your sites.

Getting started

Ready to power up your UniFi networks? Sign up for your free 1-month marketing trial here. After signing up, one of our team will promptly be in touch to schedule your installation for a time that suits you.

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