Let your customers know you are open for takeaway!

Marketing 6 minute read 19 November 2020

Have you done everything possible to let your customers know that you are open for takeaway or pick-up? You may have posted the odd social media update, but that might be buried under loads of other messages now, and how many people actually saw it? The savvy business owner will take a step back to consider they’ve looked at the three following marketing methods.

1. Go direct with an email

If you’ve built up an email list then now is definitely the time to use it. Remember, that if you are storing customer information then you should make sure you’re being GDPR compliant and that there are easy options for the user to unsubscribe. The easiest way to manage customer data and send emails is through an email tool like the one built into every Beambox account.

Whatever you use to send your emails, remember not to overload them with too much information as this can cause people to lose interest. You’ve got seconds to grab someones attention so think about the email purpose, a clear call to action, and an attention-grabbing subject line.

Emails should be branded with your logo and colours so that the recipient instantly recognises that they come from you. If you’ve got a Beambox account you’ll have full access to a visual email builder so you can have complete control and quickly build powerful campaigns that drive customer engagement.

Don’t have an email list yet? Well, they say that the best time to start an email list was when you started your business but the second-best time is now. Who said that? Ok, we said that.

You can send personalised emails (we call them Blasts) easily from a Beambox account. Here’s how to create a simple, but effective Blast email from your Beambox Dashboard.

2. Stay up-to-date on social media

Often the first place someone will look to see if you are open will be your social accounts. If you have any takeaway offerings or specials running, it’s a great idea to include these right in your bio. On Twitter, you can also pin a message to your profile which gives you an opportunity to upload your menu or offering as an image and have it front and centre.

Organic posts on your social media have a small chance of reaching everyone who likes or follows you. If you’ve invested in continuing to provide a service such as takeaway, it’s worth allocating a small budget to paid ads on social platforms to make sure your posts reach a larger amount of your fans. Put yourself in the (hungry) shoes of your customer and check the following:

Can you…

  1. Find an up-to-date menu?
  2. Find opening times?
  3. Find how to order and pay?
  4. See any recent reviews?
  5. Sign up to an email list?

3. Craft something unmissable for PR

If there was ever a time to try something different and experiment, we think it’s now! If you have a takeaway package, meal kit or special offer, it’s a great time to reach out to local journalists, bloggers and influencers to let them know about it.

It’s easy to get flustered trying to put together a press release, and many people overcomplicate the process. There are plenty of great guides that will help with the structure, but remember that it’s often better to go after publications and local news outlets with a personal approach. Remember, it’ll be a human opening and reading your email so it pays to show an interest in the publication and even reference previous articles. Make sure to include key details about your business, the exact details of what you are up to, and a hi-res image wouldn’t hurt either! Good luck!

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