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Product Updates 3 minute read 05 October 2020

As part of our ongoing quest to innovate the guest WiFi experience, we have now updated all of our customer networks around the world to our latest login flow.

Since our inception, we have gathered data on how our logins are used to make small tweaks to our WiFi login that improve the experience. This is our first major overhaul of the design, however still just as data-driven as always.

Email verification

Email addresses are now validated when using the email login. Instead of requiring guests to validate through an email confirmation, slowing the connection process, we have launched our own super fast validator.

When a guest enters their email address, our validator will connect to their mailbox to ensure that it exists and that emails are deliverable. This process takes just a few seconds and the guest will be prompted to re-enter their email if it is not valid.

Social WiFi Login

Get connected quicker

Around 70% of WiFi logins use the email form to get connected, as opposed to Facebook or Twitter social logins. Instead of requiring the email login to be selected before displaying the form, the form is now shown straight away. Social logins are slightly more valueable through the extra demographic data they provide, so we added emphasis to the Facebook and Twitter logins by prioritising them on the page.

The design of the logins has also been rethought to better accomodate different device sizes. Now, you will notice the login page has a much cleaner design on smaller devices such as iPhones, so that the guest can understand the login options quicker.

Facebook WiFi

Improved customisation

A secondary colour has been introduced which styles the accent details across all login pages. For example, buttons and borders around the email form will inherit this secondary colour. This option provides more brand control and gives you an extra opportunity to show of your colours.

You are now able to change the opacity of the login background. This gives you more control over the design contrast and makes it easier to ensure guests will be able to see everything clearly.

Social WiFi Connected

Ready to update your login page? Customise it here.

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