New reviews dashboard, real-time email sending and snow mode ☃️

Product Updates 4 minute read 09 December 2020

The December round-up is here and it’s full of powerful features with a sprinkle of festive fun! Let’s start with the best…

WiFi login snow mode 🌨

You can now add a sprinkle of snow to your WiFi login. It will show on all pages and give your guests a little bit of festive spirit!

Snow GIF

To add this, simply head to step 1 of your 5-step setup and click the “Enable Christmas Mode 🎅” checkbox.

That’s it! Snow is falling 🎶

New reviews dashboard

We’ve given the reviews dashboard a big makeover to make it slicker, faster and easier to digest. It makes it easier than ever to get a birds-eye view of your online reputation while being able to dive deep into individual customer experiences.


Filter your reviews

You can now filter through all of your historical reviews.

Need a walkthrough? 👉 Read the help article.

Export your reviews

Want to keep a copy of your reputation? Now you can!

Export all of your reviews to CSV in one click. Here’s how 👉 Read the help article.

Real-time email sending

If you are familiar with Interactions, you’ll know how powerful they are when it comes to nurturing guest loyalty with automated email engagement.

2020-12-09 14.14.35

Now, they’re even more powerful with real-time email sending. This means that instead of having hourly or daily triggers, you can send emails immediately when the guest matches your criteria.

Email verification modes

As you know, we’re a bit unique when it comes to verifying emails when your guests sign in for the first time. We don’t send emails to guests asking them to click a link. That causes problems and adds too much friction.

Instead, we built an algorithm that tests the email for deliverability and probability of authenticity. It provides a brilliant balance between guest experience and data quality.

We’re taking that a step further, with different modes that give you more fine-tuned control over how you verify emails.

What’s next?

Here’s what is in the pipeline and coming soon 👇

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