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Product Updates 3 minute read 10 February 2021

What is an API?

While it sounds like a type of beer, an API (application programming interface) is a powerful technology that enables you to connect with data sources such as your Beambox account programmatically.

Sounds a bit like rocket science, right? If you’re not a techie yourself, our Zapier integration is an easy way to utilise our API to connect your Beambox data to the tools and services you already use.

Get started with our Zapier integration

If you are a techie, you’re going to love using the Beambox API to programmatically pull your Beambox data and use it to build smart applications.

What can you do with it?

An API is designed to give you flexibility over the data you collect, so there’s not much you can’t accomplish with it. Here’s an example use case, as well as how the Beambox API solves it.

Example scenario

A venue wants to use their POS system to print custom receipts, based on how frequently the guest has visited. For loyal guests, they will receive a 10% discount.

How the API helps

The cardholders name can be mapped to a Beambox guest profile using the API. The Beambox API will provide data on how many visits and logins the guest profile has over specified timeframes, which can then be used provide the respective custom receipt.

How can I get started?

Getting started is as easy as generating your API key and then using it alongside our technical reference to begin building your custom applications.

Generating your API key

You can generate your API at any time from the Integrations area of your Beambox account. This is a unique identifier of your account that you should keep safe, it should not be exposed to anybody outside of your venue.

Read the guide: Generating your API key

Using the technical reference

Our technical reference provides context for the various endpoints available on our API. You can access this reference at any time and use it to plan the custom functionality that you are building.

Beambox API Reference

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