Get ready to see more 5-star ratings with Review Automator

Product Updates 3 minute read 17 December 2020

If you’re already using it, you’ll know how powerful Review Automator is to prompt new guests for online reviews. The Review Automator that you are used to sends a personalised email to a guest a day after their first visit, with a star rating prompt.

Did you know? Venues using Review Automator increase their star rating by an average of 0.6 stars in just 6 months

If the guest rates 3 stars or less (classed as a negative review 😟), they are redirected to an internal feedback form. If they rate 4 or 5 stars (classed as a positive review 😁) they are automatically pushed to your TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google review pages to submit.

It’s one of our most popular features and for good reason! If you’re looking for the biggest impact with the lowest effort, this one’s for you!

So, what’s actually changed?

Since we launched Review Automator, we have been keeping ourselves busy by testing different email delays and triggers.

The goal? To maximise the power of Review Automator and get the most positive reviews possible. Here’s the outcome 👇


Sending the rating email to guests just 3 hours after they visit almost doubles the chance of them leaving an online review. So, we’ve changed the default to have this quicker, higher performing sending trigger.

As with any Interaction, you can of course customise the trigger if you think you can do better!

What do I need to do?

Nothing! Your Review Automator Interaction has been updated automatically. If you head to ‘Interactions’ in your navigation and select ‘Review Automator ⭐️’ you can see the changes on step 2.

Oh, there is one other thing you need to do…

Prepare for more 5-star reviews!

Meet your new Reviews dashboard

Last week, we launched a new Reviews dashboard to give you an even better view of your online reputation.

2020-12-17 10.12.13

By curating your reviews (both internal and published) from all of your online pages, you’re empowered with information you need to improve the guest experience at your venue. Understand what you’re doing right, address what you’re doing wrong and effortlesly stay in the loop.

Ready to check it out? Head to ‘Reviews’ in your navigation ✨

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