See Your Email and SMS Stats in Real-time

Product Updates 1 minute read 10th June 2021

Get instant insight on the performance of your interactions and blasts with live reporting. Because who wants to spend all their time looking at spreadsheets and numbers?

Log into your Beambox account to see the number of successful sends, opens, and reads each of your emails and SMS messages get (in a rather smart looking graph, if we do say so ourselves).

interaction report

Data can be viewed for the last 24 hours (great for promotional emails to your whole list), for the last week, month, 3 months or 6 month period. Or you can check your stats for the lifetime that your account has been open.

Data is presented in real-time so you can immediately see how your content is doing.

We hope that the insights will make it easy to spot what kind of content or promotion is really hitting home with your customers so that you can make informed choices and smash your marketing targets.

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