Segment your guest database, send SMS messages with Twilio and more

Product Updates 3 minute read 05 October 2020

Our July 2020 update upgrades your guest database with powerful filtering and guest segments. For the smart marketers, you can now send SMS messages using our Twilio integration and create even smarter third-party automations with Zapier.

Guest Segments

With your all-new guest database, you can filter your guests based on any criteria and save them as a segment. Get a real-time reflection of your segments at any time and use them as Blast audiences and Interactions triggers.

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By default, your guest database will have the following segments:

You can create your own segments at any time straight from your guest database.

Help Section: Managing your guest database

Twilio Integration

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With our new Twilio integration, you can quickly automate SMS sending to your guest database. It’s as simple as connecting your Twilio account to Beambox and then selecting a segment to use as a trigger. When a guest enters the segment for the first time, they’ll receive your message within a few quick seconds ⚡️

Help Section: Integrating with Twilio

Zapier 2.0

We’ve relaunched our Zapier integration, providing you with real-time data portability to thousands of third-party apps and services. You now have more triggers to pick from:

We’re also excited to announce the addition of a Beambox action, allowing you to automatically push data into your Beambox database from the tools and services you already use.

Help Section: Integrating with Zapier

What’s next?

We’re not slowing down! Here’s what’s in the pipeline and coming soon 👇

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