Send SMS Campaigns from your Beambox dashboard

Product Updates 2 minute read 27th May 2021

If your customers have opted in to receive SMS promotions, you can now create and send messages to them.

Using SMS Blasts is just as easily as sending an email. Create your message, choose segments of your list that you’d like to send to (or the whole list if it’s a big promotion) and schedule to send.

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SMS Blasts allow you to create send your highest importance marketing messages to customers.

SMS messages are great for communicating important information with your customers such as:

  • Venue reopening after any COVID closures
  • One-off ticketed events
  • Retail sale events
  • Competitions
  • One-off promotions

SMS message sending is also available within the Beambox Interaction dashboard. Interactions are slightly different in purpose as they will be individual messages sent to customers based on triggers that you can preset. A good example would be an interaction that’s set to send someone a special message on their Birthday, or perhaps a promotional message once they’ve visited your venue ten times.

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For a limited time, there are 500 SMS message sends included with every Pro Beambox account. Sign up, or upgrade your account to start sending today.

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