Beambox Dashboard Just got Smarter 😏

Product Updates 1 minute read 24th June 2021

Beambox has evolved from a slick way to provide WiFi to customers, to an invaluable marketing tool for thousands of businesses.

As we’ve grown, we’ve listened to our customers and added features to help people create marketing campaigns that really hit the mark.

We wanted to keep evolving the platform and have made a big update to customer dashboards that we think will make it even easier to connect with customers and inspire loyalty at your venue.

The new dashboard combines all Beambox tools in one place as well as including your customer database right on the same page. Everything is available at a glance so you can get the information you need quickly.

Best of all, the dashboard is now real-time. Customer data is added as it happens!

It’s now even easier to send emails and SMS messages to your customers with a ‘send blast to all guests’ button clearly placed at the top of the screen. Of course, you can drill down further and send via segment, but for customers that have a general promotion or big events, this option was highly requested.

dashboard update

We hope you like the new dashboard as much as we do (yeah, we’re massive marketing nerds) and don’t forget that all of the features available have walkthrough guides and tips over on our support portal.

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