The Ultimate Hospitality Checklists for Reopening After COVID-19

Tools 5 minute read 05 October 2020

If you run a hotel, restaurant, cafe or pub, are you ready to re-open your venue once the lockdown restrictions are lifted and trading resumes?

It’s likely that the lockdowns currently in place across various regions will be lifted gradually and in line with government advice.

However, that might happen sooner than you think, depending on when you’ve stumbled across this guide. And that’s why it’s vital you’re ready for reopening, because it won’t be as simple as just opening your doors and welcoming a wave of new guests.

Consider this your go-to checklist for reopening your hospitality business after COVID-19.


inventory checklist

Your stock is the lifeblood of your F&B operation. Here’s how to ensure it’s ready for the big reopening.

Equipment and technology

equipment and technology checklist

Imagine if you reopened tomorrow and your POS or main grill wasn’t working. Doesn’t bear thinking about, right?


venue checklist

Chances are, your venue hasn’t been used for several weeks or months now. Buildings need TLC and regular maintenance, just like your equipment, and they’ll need a thorough check before you reopen.

Get the full 6 page reopening checklist

At the time of writing, this is a fast-moving element of the response to COVID-19. There are reports of pubs having to implement widely spaced seating and sneeze guards, and a suggestion that hotels will only be able to open every other room on each floor.

However, like so much news during the COVID-19 situation, the truth only lies within the facts and the government-led advice.

That’s why we recommend that you keep an eye on the following official guidelines for your country. Once the hospitality industry is ready to reopen, use our full 6 page reopening checklist to ensure all bases are covered for a smooth launch.

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