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Product Updates 1 minute read 10 March 2021

Don’t worry, we haven’t changed Beambox into a dating app that gets really serious, real quick. Engagement filtering is the name of our new feature that allows you to create customer segments based on how engaged your email recipients have been. Quite simply, whether they’ve opened or clicked links.

Engagement Filters

For example, you could now quickly and easily filter your customer list to show you how many individuals have opened 3 or more emails from you. Since we can see that these customers are engaged, you might want to send them a special offer or discount to use.

Alternatively, perhaps there is a section of your audience that have never opened one of your emails. After a period of time, it might be time to delete these users from your list to keep your data squeaky clean.

Want to see more customer insights built into Beambox? Check out the insights available in our latest platform update.

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