Translate your WiFi login to over 20 languages

Product Updates 2 minute read 03 March 2021

Capture more customers with support for up to seven languages on your WiFi login page.

It is now possible to add additional languages to fields on your Beambox login. Perfect for businesses that cater to a variety of nationalities such as hotels or restaurants.

language selector zoomed

When building your WiFi login page, youโ€™ll see the a globe icon next to any editable field. Click this and youโ€™ll now have the option to add up to 20 additional languages for your welcome message.

Once a language has been added to the login page, there is a custom field for the translation, so you can input the exact text you need.

Customers that log into your WiFi will have the seamless experience, their language preference is automatically picked up from their browser settings and if available, their language of choice will be shown to them on the login page with no delay or added loading.

Thatโ€™s a lot easier than trying to shout your WiFi password over a busy restaurant floor!

Current languages supported are:

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