Valentine's Day email marketing inspiration

Marketing 6 minute read 03 February 2021

This year may be very a different Valentine’s Day in terms of visitors to your business (depending where you are in the world), but February 14th is still a massive opportunity in the hospitality calendar.

If you need some inspiration for putting together a Valentine’s Day package, hotfoot over to our guide that’s full of ideas for hospitality businesses.

Have an idea for a promotion? Good. We’re about to lay out the foundations of a high-converting email campaign. You’re going to love it.

We all know that Valentines Day is a marketing construct (we’re so romantic), yet its still a hugely popular day for gifts, meals out and holidays. People are looking for an excuse to celebrate and if you can tap into that with your messaging you’ll be on to a winner (and it’ll make us look really good, too).

4 Elements to a successful Valentine’s Day email campaign

Nail the Subject line

An email subject line is one of the most important parts of your promotion, so make sure to take your time and make it as compelling as possible. Your subject line should either explain the promotion to your customers or include a catchy phrase or call to action that will make someone want to open the email and find out more.

A few examples to get you thinking:

Create a strong call to action

One of the most important elements of your email is the CTA (or call to action). This is the sole purpose of your email so don’t hide it.

Just because an email can contain lots of information and images, doesn’t mean that it should. It’s tempting to think that once someone has opened your email that they will want a substantial amount of content, but hey, if the subject line has done its job you’ll just need to push them over the line with a strong CTA.

Nail your targeting

This depends on the data you have available on your email list. It’s not uncommon to just have a list of emails so don’t worry if that’s all you have. Some businesses may have first and last names available which can increase open rates by adding personalisation.

Beambox Blasts (our email builder) go much further than that and allow venues to build highly specific email segments and take advantage of powerful behavioual marketing techniques. You can target based on the last time someone visited your venue for example, or how many of your venues they’ve been too. We’re biased, but it is pretty magic.

Here’s Libby, our Customer Success Champion with a quick video showcasing our Interactions dashboard, showing how you can easily and quickly apply targeting to your email Blasts.

4. Branding

All good email software or services will allow you to personalise your email. Again, the key here is to include recongisable brand colours and logos without overdoing it! What would a customer expect to see in an email from you?

Take care to make your main body and text stand out, but easily readable. Colour contrast if often overlooked but is an important consideration.

Last tips

Valentine’s Day is a bit of fun, and that’s what people are after. Don’t forget to put a bit of personality into your email and have a bit of fun with it!

Sign up to Beambox today to access a 30 day trial to our full WiFi marketing dashboard and Blasts email builder software.

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