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Product Updates 3 minute read 21 January 2021

SMS marketing is now live through the Beambox platform!

SMS messaging is available through Interactions, our feature for marketing automation. You can welcome new guests, reward loyal guests or just wish your customers a happy birthday.

Use advanced filtering and segmentation to give your marketing campaigns the advantage. Deliver timely and relevant messages directly to your customers’ devices and drive a response.

5 SMS Sequences That Are Guaranteed to Increase Loyalty

We’ve added SMS marketing to the existing Beambox dashboard to make it easy to use your current customer list to create campaigns.

Using Beambox for your SMS marketing ensures that data is stored safely, rather than exporting customer details to an external website or service. That’s another thing not to worry about!

SMS Statistics

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What happens when someone wants to unsubscribe?

We’ve thought of that too. An unsubscribe message is included with every message sent to comply with marketing guidelines and to ensure customers can opt-out in the future. All they need to do is reply UNSUBSCRIBE to your message, and the system will do the rest.

500 SMS Marketing credits are included in the Pro plan as standard, with additional sends available for a small fee.

Get started with the video below to see just how easy it is to send interactions to your customers.

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