Wednesday, 28 April 2021

WiFi Marketing 101: How to use Free WiFi as your most powerful growth tool

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Who’s this workshop for?

Your guests love your business and what you offer has no problem attracting footfall. Your venue is ticking along nicely but you feel like there is an opportunity to take things to the next level.

Despite having a great brand, you don’t feel like you’re tapping into the full potential of your existing customer base and you’re sure that there is more growth to be unlocked with the right marketing strategy.

Does this sound like you?

The truth is, if you’re looking to level up your growth strategy or familiarise yourself with modern marketing techniques, you’re going to want to sit tight for this one.

So, what is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing simply adapts your WiFi network to capture guest information and provide a more valuable signing-in experience (yes, more valuable than a 12Awdsajsd!@3 password).

For your guests, it’s a frictionless way of getting connected. When they next return, they’ll be remembered, welcomed back and connected automatically.

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Data capture is the foundation and fuel of WiFi marketing, but the real value is in what you can accomplish with the rich marketing data that you have effortlessly accumulated.

To get you inspired, here’s some of the main reasons over 5,000 Beambox customers use WiFi marketing 👇

  • 📱 Provide a better WiFi experience that promotes your brand
  • ⭐️ Take control of your reputation with Review Automator
  • 💌 Send highly personalised email and SMS campaigns
  • ⚙️ Nurture guest loyalty with marketing automation
  • 📊 Turn insights into action with detailed reporting

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It’s a pretty magical solution and we think that you’ll agree.

So, in this live workshop, we are going to guide you through the basics of WiFi marketing, showing you how modern venues are using it to accelerate guest loyalty and elevate their average revenue per guest.

What you’ll learn in this workshop

As we guide you step-by-step through the world of WiFi marketing, you’re going to learn a lot that we hope will inspire your growth strategy and help your venue get the local edge.

Here’s a taster to get you excited 👇

  • ✅ How to design a WiFi login that sets the right impression
  • ✅ How to grow and segment a powerful guest database
  • ✅ How to get more positive reviews on autopilot
  • ✅ How to strategise your growth marketing

Don’t miss out!

If you are serious about growth, this workshop is an opportunity to familiarise yourself with WiFi marketing. See what it can do, how it does it and why over 5,000 venues trust it to drive their growth strategy.

Beambox is full of useful features to keep customers engaged. It’s user-friendly and allows you to have a good understanding of your customers. The support is super fast and the platform keeps improving over the years. Really worth it!

Once you have reserved your space, we’ll send you a few reminders before the live workshop starts. Afterwards, you’ll get a recording of it so that you can go back and watch the highlights!

Can’t wait to see you there 👋