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guest WiFi that grows loyalty

Connect, capture and keep more customers with an all-in-one WiFi marketing platform

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1. Plug in your Beambox

Plug Beambox into your existing router using the provided cables

2. Turn on the power

Wait 5 minutes while your Beambox wakes up and prepares itself

3. Get connected

Connect to your network and test out your new guest WiFi experience

Delight your guests with WiFi that welcomes them

Get your guests connected quickly with a password-less login that remembers them when they come back. Customise the entire experience with our 5-step setup.

Customise the look and feel of your WiFi login

Automatically increase your social media followers

Decide how and when your WiFi can be used

Ensure that you are compliant and legally protected

Improve the guest experience

Understand the people who love your business

Extract powerful marketing data from the guests who use your WiFi. Map out your day-to-day traffic and understand the who, why and when of your venue.

Collect exportable marketing lists automatically

Visualise metrics on busiest times, days and months

Know the demographics of your customer base

Compare and segment multiple locations at once

Understand your customers

Attract new customers with a perfect online reputation

Automatically send rating emails to guests after their first visit. Publish positive reviews to your online pages while deflecting negative reviews with an internal form.

Automatically prompt guests for reviews

Publish positive reviews to your online pages

Deflect negative reviews with an internal feedback form

Manage all of your reviews from one dashboard

Increase your online reviews

Engage with the right guests at exactly the right time

10x your marketing with behavioural email automation. Invite new guests back, reward loyal customers and send out birthday wishes that increase loyalty and return-rate.

Send highly personalised campaigns to your guests

Trigger emails and texts based on guest behaviour

Craft branded emails with a drag and drop designer

Track the results of your marketing campaigns

Grow with smart marketing

Join thousands of forward-thinking businesses worldwide

Laura Sassone, Arro Coffee

"Beambox is full of useful features to keep customers engaged. It's user-friendly and allows you to have a good understanding of your customers. The live support is super fast and the platform just keeps improving. Really worth it!"

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30 day trial No set-up costs Cancel anytime