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What is SMART marketing?

SMART is a framework for setting and achieving effective and efficient smart marketing goals. The acronym stands for a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound marketing strategy. Here's a breakdown of each strategy:

  • Specific: Your marketing team should set clearly defined goals for the best results.
  • Measurable: Like most business marketing strategies, your data, progress, and sales should be trackable and evaluated.
  • Achievable: Set yourself up for success. You should have attainable smart marketing goals. This might mean investing a small cost in website design so you'll see more online traffic. Or, pair with a brand influencer as part of your social media marketing strategy to encourage a positive customer response and brand loyalty.
  • Relevant: It's easy to get caught up in the weeds. Especially if you have large-scale end goals. Remember to focus on the relevance of your marketing campaigns. Is your marketing goal to increase brand awareness? If so, focus your digital marketing or social media ads on a specific new product.
  • Time-bound: Create a sense of urgency by having a specific time frame or deadline. After all, your marketing goal-setting process should help you reach completion in a timely manner.

SMART marketing objectives are different from "smart marketing." However, you should practice both in your marketing efforts.

Beambox can help your company with your SMART marketing goal. Our WiFi marketing offers customer insights, so you know what you're getting right and where you have room for growth.

What Makes a Marketing Strategy Smart?

A smart marketing strategy takes both business objectives and the needs of your target audience into consideration. Just remember that your strategy should align with your overall business goals. If your goal is to drive sales, your marketing should focus on doing just that.

Next, you should have an understanding of your audience and market trends. Do a little research so you know the extent of your exact marketing campaign. Last, aside from an effective and efficient campaign, it should also be creative and innovative. That’s how it stands apart from your competition.

Drive Business With Email Campaigns to Your Target Audience

Use Beambox Blasts to design and send beautifully branded email marketing campaigns to your guest database. Schedule and fine-tune your emails to a particular segment of consumers or reach them all at once. Most businesses gain more leads from promotional content marketed to their customer base.

A screenshot of Beambox's Blasts page that a sales team can use to generate sales and traffic.

Automate Behavioral Emails That Increase Customer Loyalty

Use Interactions to automate emails to people based on how they interact with your venue. Create a highly personalized, interactive email journey that nurtures loyalty in long-term customers.

Design Branded Emails Like a Pro

Your business, product or service is one of a kind — your emails should be, too. Our fully featured email design tool gives you everything you need to craft stunning emails. Add titles, buttons, images and social or internet links and save time with reusable email templates.

Gain an Advantage with Text Message Marketing Aimed Toward Your Defined Target

Use SMS marketing platforms to trigger automated text messages based on how guests interact with your venue. You can ask questions, provide resources or offer coupons and discounts. Analytics show you can expect 5x higher open rates over e-commerce email marketing and even higher levels of engagement.

A screenshot of Beambox's SMS messaging screen representing specialized marketing texts as one of the smart goals.

Realize the Rewards of SMART Marketing Campaign Management

What does open rate really mean for your bottom line? Beyond basics, our marketing insights use Presence Detection to determine how effective your SMART marketing is at bringing guests back. Leveraging big data from WiFi marketing, management can create targeted campaigns to convert a potential lead into customer engagement. Thus, resulting in successful marketing optimization, planning and overall outcomes.

A screenshot of Beambox's engagement insights page that shows the effects of engaging content.

Customer Reviews

Here are real customers sharing why they are one of thousands of forward-thinking businesses that rely on Beambox.

Rating stars

Aug 29, 2023

Beambox's email designer amazed me

I was surprised by how they understood my requirements for crafting engaging emails. It's like they knew what I needed for stunning emails. Adding titles, buttons, images, and social links is a breeze. Plus, the time saved with reusable templates is priceless. Beambox is like having my design team. Communication and engagement have taken on a new level.

Date of experience: February 16, 2023

Rating stars

Oct 6, 2023

Beambox truly knows how to make every interaction count

I'm happy to share my experience with Beambox! Their behavioral email automation has taken our marketing to a whole new level. The ability to invite new guests back, reward loyal customers, and even send personalized birthday wishes has significantly increased our customer loyalty and return rates.

Date of experience: September 28, 2023

Rating stars

Aug 28, 2023

I love how Beambox can add a personal touch to connect with our customers through text message marketing

Being a part of the Beambox family has truly transformed the way we connect with our cafe guests. The ability to send tailored and automated text messages based on their interactions with our cafe is beyond incredible.

Date of experience: July 11, 2023

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