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Delight Your Guests With a Perfect WiFi Experience

Spend less time handing out long WiFi passwords and more time pouring delectable drinks.

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Raise the Bar with WiFi that Welcomes Your Guests

Whether it’s the first visit or the hundredth, Beambox welcomes your guests. Our WiFi instantly pops up for repeat customers and saves your guests from seeking out your password. Our platform remembers your patrons and welcomes them back to your guest WiFi.

A Simplified Login: Three Steps to WiFi Access


New guests simply log into the bar’s free WiFi through social media accounts. Or, if your guest doesn’t use social media, filling out a simple form will connect them in no time.


Gain more followers by encouraging your guests to follow your social media pages. If your guest logs in with their social media account, automatically prompt them to follow you.


Then, redirect your guest to a customizable landing page or your website. They’ll put eyes on your site before heading elsewhere on the web.

Craft Your Perfect WiFi Welcome

Your WiFi setup should be as smooth as your best brew on tap. Our 5-step setup gives you the tools to brand and customize your login flow. Highlight your new drafts, handcrafted drinks, and happy hour offerings, or redirect your guests to leave a review on TripAdvisor. Now that’s something to toast to!

Choose How and When Your Guests Connect

Use your connection to add WiFi limits in your bar, whether it’s last call, closing time or someone overstaying their welcome. When guests reach their limit, you can request additional purchases to extend time on your WiFi network.

Get Your Guest Database Brewing

You'll gain valuable and validated marketing data as your bar patrons log into your WiFi. Know which drinks quench your guest’s thirst the best and which ones you need to shake up. You can overview, export and integrate your guest database anytime from our online platform.

Stay Connected With Beambox Integrations

Keep your data in sync with existing marketing platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign or Constant Contact. Beambox Integrations ensures your marketing efforts get to your customers to help build loyalty.

Keep Your Bar Buzz Going Strong With Review Automation

As your guests log into your WiFi, prompt them to leave you a rating after they visit with Beambox Integrations. If you provided stellar service and your customers rate you a 4 or 5, we automatically post their rave reviews. Our platform deflects ratings of 3 stars or less to a feedback form.

Toast to Positive Reviews and Publish Them to Your Online Review Pages

Anyone in the hospitality industry knows how important customer reviews are to your business. Beambox automatically publishes great guest ratings to your TripAdvisor, Facebook, or Google Review Pages. Our platform makes it easy for you to keep track of your positive reviews via your Beambox dashboard.

Turn Sour Feedback into a Sweet Customer Experience

Beambox Integrations helps you clean up your online reputation. If a customer leaves a rating of 3 stars or less, our platform redirects it to an internal feedback form. You can reach out personally to offer a private ear and work collaboratively to make things right.

Handcraft Emails As Unique as Your Bar or Pub

Your bar or pub is unique. Your emails should be, too. Beambox’s email designer provides tools to create eye-catching emails. Pour stale, generic emails down the drain. Instead, use titles, buttons, images and social links to create enticing emails. Plus, you can save time with reusable email templates.

Increase Loyalty With Automated Emails

The more you know and interact with your barflies, the better. Use Beambox Interactions to trigger automated emails based on your guest preferences. Highlight their favorite drinks, offer a free appetizer, and invite them to special invite events; the possibilities are endless. Your personalized emails help to nurture loyalty and repeat patronage.

Level Up Your Marketing Efforts With Text Messaging

Take your success one step further with personalized, automated text messaging. Create text messages based on customer behavior. Announce last-minute deals, free drinks, or trivia night. The best part? You can send immediate texts to users in the bar—no need to shout over the music. Expect five times higher open rates over email marketing and higher levels of engagement.

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"Beambox is a highly intuitive system, cleverly designed to provide secure guest WiFi whilst providing us as a business with innovative tools to reach and reward our customers and grow loyalty."

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