Customer Insights

Customer Insights: Know the Who, Why, and When of Your Business

The fastest way to build value in a marketing database and visualize your guest foot traffic.
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Build a Guest Database That Grows Its Own Value

There's a multitude of reasons why you should implement WiFi marketing. First and foremost, WiFi logins multiply your audience count. Additionally, it supplies validated and valuable marketing data. You can overview, export and integrate your guest database anytime from our online platform. With this information, you'll gain real-time customer insights about your products and services as well as your customer service.

Consumer Insights That Paint a Picture

The more you know about your guests, the more intelligent your marketing is. Let WiFi marketing do your market research. Guest profiles provide key customer experience insights into how they interact with your venue and engage with your marketing. This consumer insight enhances guest experiences, brand loyalty, and repeat patronage.

Use your customer service data to improve customer behavior. You'll know the exact promotions, discounts and tailored content to provide for customer retention.

Track Changes in Traffic with Accurate Footfall Analytics

The more you understand consumer behavior, the better. Our WiFi networks use Presence Detection to give you the complete picture of your venue's footfall. Understand when your venue is busiest and keep track of key performance indicators such as return rate. Customer journey mapping gives you an alternative customer insight view so you can offer the best customer experiences.

A screenshot of email engagement statistics on the Beambox user dashboard.

A Customer Insights Platform To Understand the Guests Who Love Your Business

Customer data and consumer research provide customer insights to elevate your business. Who is your target market? How old are your customers? What is their gender? Get your demographic data questions answered with detailed customer targeting insights and analytics powered by your guest database. Use business intelligence to gain qualitative insights to make informed decisions for growth opportunities and increase sales.

A Beambox Screenshot of a customer profile page highlighting customer journeys and feedback.

Segment Your Customer Base for Smarter Targeting

Use tracked visits to automatically classify your customer base into smart behavioral segments such as new, loyal and lost. Create your own filtered segment lists for highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. You can also identify areas for improvement and pain points. Our customer insight tools help to improve your overall customer satisfaction.

Screenshot from Beambox guest segments page providing support information and customer insights to a company.

Keep Your Data Connected to Your Existing Platforms

Are you looking to become a market leader? Or, maybe you just want to provide the best overall customer experience? If these scenarios apply, you must gain customer insights and a clear picture across all your marketing platforms. Our product offers advanced analytics that you can export anytime or integrate with hundreds of third-party applications and services. Keep your data in sync with your existing marketing platforms. These marketing brands include Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, etc.

A Screenshot of Beambox's integration page and new features to connect the platform with other companies' platforms.

Beambox Customer Insights Features

Beambox offers various features to give you broad visibility into your customer insights. Some of these data visualization features include:

  • Smart segments that categorize your guests and keep your database in check.
  • Customer feedback to learn how individual guests respond to your marketing and interact with your venue.
  • Use your data for positive customer profiling. Customer segmentation allows you to gain an understanding of guest needs.
  • Use footfall and demographic data analysis to visualize your venue.
  • Easy connection to link your data to the tools and services you already use.

Customer Reviews

It’s easy to see why companies turn to Beambox for WiFi marketing. Collect big data through your WiFi access point by encouraging guests to leave information or online reviews. Or engage with a survey to get a pulse on customer satisfaction. Here’s why Beambox users love our WiFi marketing.

Rating stars

Aug 2, 2023

Feels like we have our own marketing team in a box

We started off gathering data about our customers and much to our surprise the data and analytics were a step above anything we were expecting. The analytics gave us insight into our customer demographics, behavior patterns, and more. We then took this data and used the automated marketing features that also came with Beambox. Pretty soon it was practically running on it’s own, and it felt like we had our own marketing team that was killing it for us.

Date of experience: April 13, 2023

Rating stars

Aug 18, 2023

I highly recommend Beambox

I can’t express enough how Beambox has transformed our marketing strategy! The ability to extract valuable data from WiFi users has been a game-changer. With the insights we gain, we’re now able to map out our daily traffic and deeply understand our audience’s preferences, timings, and motivations. Beambox has given us the tools to make informed decisions and drive our business forward with confidence!

Date of experience: March 10, 2023

Rating stars

Oct 7, 2023

It is a fantastic investment

I’ve been using Beambox for a few months now, the analytics and insights I get from Beambox are incredibly valuable. It’s like having a window into my customer’s behavior and preferences, which has allowed me to tailor my marketing efforts effectively.

Date of experience: February 7, 2023

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