Increase Foot Traffic With WiFi That Remembers Your Customers

Welcome your customers and capture crucial marketing data with your WiFi network whenever they enter your store.

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Gain Peace of Mind With Protected and Compliant WiFi

Protect both your sensitive payment systems and your loyal customers with secured WiFi. Beambox features an isolated, password-protected guest network that safeguards your confidential point of sale, customer, and inventory data. Our platform identifies each of your guests, ensuring your public network is safe and compliant.

Logging on Is Quick and Easy


Set up your Beambox WiFi network to require your guests to log in with their social media accounts. No social media? No problem. Instead, your guests can fill out a form to access your WiFi.


For guests who sign up through social media, prompt them to check out and follow your social media pages.


Or, redirect your guests to a customizable landing page or your business website.

Design a Login That Represents Your Brand or Business

Say goodbye to generic logins. Easily customize every step of your login flow. Extend a warm welcome, highlight your latest Instagram post, market a seasonal sale, or offer a one-time discount. Beambox gives you the power to create a login that is just as unique as your business.

Expertly Manage Your In-Store WiFi

Set time limits on your guests' WiFi sessions to encourage browsing and shopping. When your guest’s time limit ends, you can gently prompt them to check out. If you’re worried about bandwidth during peak shopping hours, shorten your time limits so everyone can experience seamless WiFi. Managing your WiFi also helps with guest loitering.

Get To Know Your Shoppers Like Never Before

You'll build your customer database as your guests and repeat customers log into your WiFi. Get to know what they are interested in shopping for and other consumer demographics. Then, you can analyze and export this information through your Beambox user dashboard.

Simplify Your Marketing Efforts With Seamless Data Connections

Beambox allows you to export or download your customer data at any time. You can also integrate your customer data with hundreds of third-party apps and business-centric services. Link your data to marketing platforms like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or Constant Contact.

Effortlessly Gain More Reviews

Get a pulse on how your shop shines and the parts that need a polish. Use Beambox Interactions to prompt your customers to leave feedback after visiting your establishment. We automatically publish high ratings. Received a rating of 3 or less? We redirect your reviewer to an internal feedback form for more information.

Focus on Favorable Feedback

Don’t let your feedback run wild. When customers leave ratings through your guest WiFi, Beambox helps streamline your feedback. We automatically publish four or 5-star ratings to TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google Review pages. You can keep track of these ratings in one place in your Beambox user dashboard.

Increase Shopper Satisfaction With Feedback Forms

For any rating of 3 or less, Beambox helps you take corrective action. These ratings are automatically redirected to a private internal feedback form. You’ll gain insight into how you missed the mark. Reach out to customers who had a less-than-stellar experience so you can take action and increase your shopper satisfaction.

Create Eye-Catching Emails Like a Pro

Don’t let your emails get lost in an inbox abyss. Say goodbye to generic emails and use Beambox’s fully featured email designer tool to craft unique messages. Add titles, buttons, images, social media links, reviews, etc. Save time for future emails by saving your favorite templates.

Automatically Send Customized Emails Based on Customer Preferences

Treat your customers like your closest friends and family by sending personalized messages based on previous interactions. If a customer hasn’t visited your store in a while, welcome them back. If your customer has a special anniversary coming up, send a discount code. Customized correspondence nurtures loyalty and return patronage.

Text Your Way to the Top

Take advantage of sending text message blasts that land directly in your customer’s hand, pocket or purse. Offer a discount on a brand you know they prefer to buy or offer discount codes off their subsequent purchases. You can expect five times higher open rates over emails.

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