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It's as easy as 1-2-3

Just plug it in, power it on and start connecting

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1. Plug in your Beambox

Plug Beambox into your existing router using the provided cables

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2. Turn on the power

Wait 5 minutes while Beambox connects to your cloud account

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3. Get connected

Connect to your new guest WiFi network and see it in action

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Your new WiFi network

Your new guest network will isolate itself from any back-office systems, keeping your venue and guests secure and protected.


Not as small as it looks

Your omni-directional Beambox is designed to cover a 50 meter indoor range and up to 40 concurrent users. Need more? Just get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

How much range does Beambox cover?

Beambox is designed to have a omni-directional range of 50 meters indoors. This can vary depending on wall frequency and thickness, you can also add additional Beambox to cover larger areas.

How many guests can Beambox support at one time?

Each Beambox can support up to 40 concurrent internet sessions. However, adding additional Beambox points will multiply the maximum sessions.

How long does a Beambox installation take?

It takes just a minute or two to connect your Beambox and begin connecting your customers-graphic. Take a look at our setup video.

Will Beambox interfere with my current network?

Beambox is an extension of your network, not a replacement. Once plugged in, it will create an entirely new and separate network for your customers to use - This way there isn't any interference.

What will the Beambox cost me?

Your first Beambox is on us, each one covers an average 50 meter indoor range. If you have a large venue and need more, we can cost-effectively provide them for a one-time fee.

Am I able to change the SSID I chose later on?

Absolutely, our engineers can remotely change your SSID at any time. It typically only takes us a few minutes.

What compatibility does Beambox have with routers?

As long as Beambox has an ethernet connection, it's happy. That means it works with 99% of modems and business routers. If you want to double check your compatibility, give us a call!

Can I use multiple Beambox devices for better coverage?

Yes. Beambox is the most affordable way to launch a multi-point guest network around your entire premises. You can plug multiple Beamboxes and they will work together under the same SSID.

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