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Know The Who, Why And When Of Your Customers

Every day that goes by, you're missing out on guest data that can take your marketing campaigns to the next level. Beambox unlocks this goldmine by understanding the guests who love your business.

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Build Brand Awareness For Your Business

Unlock the power of brand recognition by offering guests complimentary WiFi. Treat loyal customers and new customers alike to the convenience of free internet while effortlessly collecting valuable data. By using Beambox's user-friendly captive portal system, you'll enhance customer experience and strengthen your brand engagement. Streamline your marketing strategy, personalize customer interactions, and boost conversions

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Delight Your Guests With A Perfect WiFi Marketing Software

With Beambox, your guests get connected in a breeze and are warmly welcomed back the next time they visit. They get easy wifi access from their laptop or by scanning your custom-generated QR Code with their mobile device. All while enjoying your business's offerings. Connect, learn and engage with customers by using a WiFi marketing software designed to Grow Your Business.

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Increase Sales Through A Powerful WiFi Marketing Platform

Did you know that over 50% of customers spend more in places with free WiFi? Utilize the WiFi you provide your customers to reach out to them with well-timed and crafted communications. Targeted marketing efforts informed by customer data are simple and effective and cut down on marketing costs. They'll even help improve awareness of your brand, boost online reviews, and drive more business.

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Connect With The Tools That You Already Use

Beambox doesn’t stop at WiFi; it can also supercharge your existing SMS marketing and Email Marketing strategies. Keep your guest insights and data connected to the third-party tools that you already love and use. Beambox is compatible with Mailchimp, Square PoS, Zapier, Twilio, Constant Contact, Active Campaign and more.

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WiFi Marketing For Small Businesses

Increase foot traffic and build loyalty at your small business through wifi marketing campaigns. Beambox’s customizable services suit countless small businesses, including restaurants, hotels, bars, retail stores, etc. Beambox also works seamlessly with your established email service provider.

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No Hardware? This One's On Us

The key to unlocking valuable guest behavior data is inside one little box. Your free trial includes your first Beambox Plug & Play. Just plug it into your existing router, and you're good to go. Now you're ready to easily collect guest data for SMART Marketing.

Flat lay of Beambox device, adaptor, mounting kit, network cables, and instruction manual.

Trusted by over 12,000 forward-thinking businesses

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"Beambox is a highly intuitive system, cleverly designed to provide secure guest WiFi whilst providing us as a business with innovative tools to reach and reward our customers and grow loyalty"

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"Beambox is full of useful features to keep customers engaged. It's user-friendly and allows you to have a good understanding of your customers. The live support is super fast and the platform just keeps improving. Really worth it!"

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"We started using Beambox to grow our online reviews. Instead, it has become a one stop shop for all of our marketing needs. Our return rate is up by 37% after 10 months and we can't imagine life without it!"

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