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Let Your WiFi Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Your Guests

You provide a home away from home for your guests. So, first impressions are important. Extend a warm welcome to returning guests with your WiFi. Beambox’s WiFi instantly pops up when your guests arrive, automatically welcoming and remembering them. No need to seek out passwords — our platform automatically connects your guests to your WiFi network.

Connecting Your Guests Is Super Simple


New guests quickly log into your WiFi using their social media accounts or filling out a quick form.


If your guest logs into your WiFi network using their social media account, you can prompt them to follow your social media pages.


You can also redirect your guests to a customized landing page or website.

Customize Your Login To Interact With Your Guests

Your login landing page lets you make a lasting impression and hear from your guests. Beambox’s easy 5-step setup offers tools to personalize your guest login interface. Make your guests feel valued with exclusive offers, an activity schedule, or a free welcome gift. Highlight your latest social media posts or encourage your guests to leave a review.

Protect Your and Your Guest’s Privacy

Offer peace of mind with worry-free WiFi. You can offer an isolated WiFi network solely for your guests. It’s on a separate network from your payment gateways and other data-sensitive business systems. Additionally, since every guest is logged in, you ensure your guest network is secure and data privacy compliant.

Gain Guest Database Insight

Since your guests provide login information, you’ll gain valuable marketing data. View, export, and analyze your guest database from the Beambox user dashboard.

Connect Your Guest’s Data to Unlock Its Full Potential

Beambox integrates your guest’s data with the third-party apps and services you use most. Stay in sync with your existing marketing platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or Constant Contact. You can export your data at any time.

Keep Your Positive Guest Reviews Flowing

Beambox Interactions allows you to keep an open line of communication with your guests. Our platform automatically publishes positive reviews. If you’ve missed the mark, we deflect the rating so you can make things right.

Amplify Positive Reviews

Did your guest rave about their stay? You’ll know immediately when your guest gives you a four or 5-star rating. Beambox automatically showcases glowing reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook, or Google. Keep track of them in one place within your Beambox user dashboard.

Proactive Guest Satisfaction

You always have the chance to turn a negative experience into a positive one. If you receive a rating of 3 or below, we automatically invite your guest to provide more feedback. You’ll know exactly what went wrong, where you can improve and who to contact to resolve the issue.

Stand Out with Branded Emails

Your accommodations, brand and offerings are unique. Your emails should be, too. Beambox offers an email designer tool to craft friendly yet professional emails to stand out. You can easily add titles, images, social media links, and save time with reusable email templates.

Increase Loyalty with Behavioral Emails

Add a personal touch by sending emails that reflect their experience staying with you. Send birthday, anniversary or other milestone discounts. Haven’t seen a particular guest in a while? Automate an email letting them know you miss them and invite them back. Beambox helps you curate emails that foster brand loyalty and repeat patronage.

Gain Instant Engagement With Text Message Marketing

We’re in the cell phone age. So why not reach guests via mobile? Delight guests with personalized and automated text messages. You can expect 5x higher open rates over email marketing and even higher levels of engagement.

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