Fill Your Guests’ Cup With a Perfect WiFi Experience

When your guests return to your cafe, they can experience an easy WiFi connection when they automatically connect upon arrival.

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Stay Protected and Compliant

Avoid “pour” choices with Beambox. Our system features an isolated guest network that prevents access to other systems on your network, such as payment gateways. When guests log in, our system identifies them and keeps them on their own network. This ensures your public network is compliant and secure.

A Log-in as Speedy as Your Service


After your guests make their order, they can quickly log in using their social media account. Or they can log in by filling in a form.


Prompt your guests to follow your social media accounts if preferred.


Then, redirect them to your customizable landing page. Or straight to a page on your website.

WiFi That Warmly Welcomes Back Your Patrons

Your first impression is just as important as a good cup of coffee. Our WiFi login instantly pops up and saves guests from asking for a password. If a guest has visited before, we'll remember them and greet them like regulars.

WiFi Connection on Your Terms

Have a loitering problem? Good coffee, an inviting environment and unlimited WiFi can do that sometimes. Use Beambox to add WiFi limits in your café. When guests reach their limit, prompt them to refill their beverage to extend internet access.

Brew Up a Guest Database That Grows Its Own Value

Watch your audience and patron numbers soar when your WiFi logins accrue validated and valuable marketing data. Overview, export, and integrate your guest database anytime from our online platform. You’ll gain instant gratification knowing what works for your customers and entices new patronage.

Keep Your Data Connected at All the Right Places

Keep constant tabs on your data. Export it at any time or integrate it with hundreds of third-party applications and services. Your data will stay in sync with your existing marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign or Constant Contact.

Generate Review Buzz on Autopilot

Use Beambox Interactions to prompt happy customers to leave positive reviews after their visit to your cafe. If they leave a rating of 4 or 5 stars, it’s automatically published. If unhappy customers rate three stars or less, we'll deflect the rating, and guests can provide internal feedback instead.

Automatically Publish Positive Feedback

When your guests rate 4 or 5 stars, their feedback is automatically pushed to your TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google review pages. Keep track of all your published positive reviews from your dashboard.

Filter Negative Reviews From Going Public

Sometimes a negative review hits you as hard as a cup of Turkish coffee. Instead, deflect ratings of 3 stars or less. Our platform will prompt your customer to leave internal feedback. You’ll know exactly what went wrong so you can remedy the situation.

Energize Your Email Strategy with Fresh Designs

Our fully featured email designer gives you the tools you need to stunning emails as unique as your cafe. Add your personalized touch with titles, buttons, images and social links. We also feature reusable email templates to help you save time.

Serve Up Automated Marketing Emails

Use Beambox Interactions to trigger automated emails based on how guests interact with your café. Create a highly personalized email journey that nurtures loyalty and repeat business. Entice your customers back with a free latte or highlight new offerings to drive engagement and patronage.

Gain a Robust Advantage With Text Message Marketing

Send personalized and automated text messages based on how guests interact with your café. You can expect 5x higher open rates over email marketing and even higher levels of engagement.

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Laura Sassone, Arro Coffee

"Beambox is full of useful features to keep customers engaged. It's user-friendly and allows you to have a good understanding of your customers. The live support is super fast and the platform just keeps improving. Really worth it!"

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