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We work with the hardware that you already love to use

No need to learn new tricks, Beambox sits comfortably on top of your existing stack. Our range of Plug & Play, cloud integrations and self-install guides provide support for the most popular names in networking.

A local marketing solution with reach around the world

We've been around the block and provide great WiFi in all corners of the world. With a multi-lingual WiFi login and localisation settings, your potential reach is as big as your appetite.

All of your customer accounts at your fingertips

No need to jump through hoops, our partner dashboard gives you a convenient birds-eye view of your entire customer network. Manage accounts, commissions and payouts all in one place.

Flexible billing that works for you


Your customers are signing up themselves

If your customers need to manage the billing, share your partner link with them and when they sign up, their account will be automatically associated with your partner dashboard.


You are signing up for your customers

Managing billing yourself? Easily create new accounts directly from your partner platform and give account access to your customers with our team management features.

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