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Beambox integrates smoothly with MikroTik hardware and launches a powerful WiFi login

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1. Follow the guide

Our self-install guide gives you step-by-step instructions to install Beambox

2. Activate your login

Once completed, you can enable your WiFi login on your MikroTik networks

3. Get connected

Connect to your network and test out your new guest WiFi experience

Frequently asked questions

How do I install Beambox on my MikroTik networks?

Our self-install guide gives you step by step instructions to configure your Mikrotik wireless networks. Once finished, your Beambox WiFi login will show on the configured networks.

What support do I have if I have any issues?

Our team are trained to provide support on all of our installation methods. If you face any issues, we will be on standby to diagnose your integration and get your guests connected.

Is Beambox compatible with all MikroTik hardware?

Yes, Beambox will operate on all MikroTik hardware. As long as you are able to configure your hardware through WinBox or CLI, Beambox will be able to display your WiFi login.

Will Beambox be on all of my MikroTik networks?

You can decide which networks you would like your WiFi login to be active on. We recommend having at least one network for staff and back-office systems, with another network solely for guest access.

What changes will I need to make to MikroTik?

You will need to add a series of configurations such as DHCP, RADIUS and hotspot servers. We will guide you through each stage step by step, with every configuration being explained clearly.

How can I remove Beambox from my MikroTik networks?

If you change your mind and decide that Beambox isn't for you, removing Beambox from your network configuration is easy and takes just a few minutes.

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