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Delight Your Guests With A Welcoming Email Marketing Strategy

Get more repeat visits with personalized email campaigns explicitly designed for your customers. With Beambox, you'll have access to multiple use cases and advanced segmentation options based on your users and the data you collect from them.

Once you have that content, it’s yours and yours alone. Third parties do not own your email list and all associated information. Plus, initial sign-up is free, with no set-up costs for subscribers.

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Tailor Your Email Marketing Efforts Like Never Before

Stop monkeying around with standard email marketing platforms. Connect with customers based on their behaviors with your business in a way like never before.

Using guest WiFi data and captive portals lets you know who your users are. You’ll gain customer insights into when, why and how often they visit your business. You can even monitor customer locations to understand where most of your business originates.

Beambox helps you reap the benefits of email marketing and foster customer loyalty. See an uptick in engagement, conversions, sales, and your email open rate when you use features included with your account.

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Drive Business With Effective Email Marketing Campaigns to Your Target Audience

Use Beambox Blasts to design and send beautifully branded and successful email marketing campaigns to your guest database. You can schedule and fine-tune your marketing emails to a segment of consumers from one of your business email lists. Or, use automatic email marketing to reach them all at once.

You can also create a highly personalized, interactive email journey that nurtures loyalty in long-term customers. Easily ask for reviews and share the best ones with the world in no time, automatically.

You can also use Beambox’s Interactions automation email feature to connect with people based on their interaction with your venue. This ensures a successful email marketing campaign. It’s an all-around smart marketing tool.

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Easy Email Marketing for Small Business

Beambox’s customizable email marketing services suit countless small businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, retail stores, etc. Beambox works seamlessly with your established email service provider.

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Why Is Marketing Through Email Important for Small Businesses?

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One of the goals of marketing emails is to counteract customer doubt and provide higher levels of reassurance. New customers are less likely to be familiar with your brand. It’s essential to take action to build trust with them. An email marketing campaign is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Beambox has an email template where you can add personalization for all types of email content to share with customers. Consider this list of email marketing examples:

  • Lead generation via promotional emails for showing new products and deals.
  • Transaction emails to build further brand trust after a customer makes a purchase.
  • Call to action or retention emails for important one-time offers for your customers.
  • An email newsletter to build trust and ongoing customer relationships.

Segmentation Options Tailored to Your Location

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Utilize your user data and analytics to design emails specific to your customers. We provide a more customizable and data-driven email marketing experience than other email service providers on the market. Some examples of what you can do with our email marketing tool include:

  • Has a customer visited but hasn’t returned in three days? Send them an email.
  • Has a customer visited more than seven times? Send them an email.
  • Has a customer had their first visit more than ten days ago? Send them an email.
  • Has a customer had their first visit less than five hours ago? Send them an email.
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Design Branded Emails Like a Pro

Your business, product or service is one of a kind. Your emails should be, too. Professional and unique messaging is part of an email strategy to raise your click-through rate and increase conversion.

Our fully featured email design tools give you everything you need to craft stunning emails for all your marketing channels. Use our easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer to add a subject line, titles, buttons, and images. You can add a blog post, social media, or other internet links. Plus, save time with reusable email templates.

Once you’ve fine-tuned your one-of-a-kind mailer, leave the rest to us. We ensure email deliverability to your customer’s inbox instead of getting lost in their spam folder.

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Customer Reviews

We know customer reviews are important to your business. They are to Beambox as well. Here’s what people have to say about using Beambox for their email marketing and guest wifi needs.

Rating stars
Beambox's email designer amazed me

I was surprised by how they understood my requirements for crafting engaging emails. It's like they knew what I needed for stunning emails. Adding titles, buttons, images, and social links is a breeze. Plus, the time saved with reusable templates is priceless. Beambox is like having my design team. Communication and engagement have taken on a new level.

Rating stars
Beambox truly knows how to make every interaction count

I'm happy to share my experience with Beambox! Their behavioral email automation has taken our marketing to a whole new level. The ability to invite new guests back, reward loyal customers, and even send personalized birthday wishes has significantly increased our customer loyalty and return rates.

Rating stars
I love how Beambox can add a personal touch to connect with our customers through text message marketing

Being a part of the Beambox family has truly transformed the way we connect with our cafe guests. The ability to send tailored and automated text messages based on their interactions with our cafe is beyond incredible.

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Laura Sassone, Arro Coffee

"Beambox is full of useful features to keep customers engaged. It's user-friendly and allows you to have a good understanding of your customers. The live support is super fast and the platform just keeps improving. Really worth it!"

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