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Stay a Cut Above the Rest With a Personal WiFi Experience

Connect your guests to your network with password-less WiFi that remembers them.

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Pamper Guests With a WiFi That Welcomes Them Back

No need for your guests to seek out your WiFi password. Your WiFi will populate automatically and connect returning customers. They can sit and enjoy the services you provide with seamless connectivity.

Logging In Is a Breeze


First-time guests connect to your WiFi by signing in via one of their social media accounts. For guests without social media, they can sign in with a simple form.


For guests who sign in with social media information, you can prompt your guests to follow your social media accounts.


Or, redirect all your clients to your custom landing page or website. It’s truly that simple.

Take WiFi to New Lengths With a Customizable Login Flow

You are a hair creator. Extend your craft from strand to screen with a customizable login. Beambox’s 5-step setup allows you to brand and set up your login flow easily. Show off your latest hair highlights, rave reviews or any special offers you have. It’s the first thing your guests see when they login to your WiFi.

Choose Which Guests Make the WiFi Cut

Do you have a WiFi piggybacking problem? Beambox allows you to add WiFi limits within your salon or barber shop. Set a limit based on the average time of your services. Need a little more time? No sweat. You can simply authorize extended time.

Build a Guest Database That Grows Itself

Hairstylists and barbers alike know that high customer satisfaction leads to new clients. Stay in sync with your current customers by keeping in touch. With Beambox, you can overview, export and analyze important, valuable customer marketing data.

Keep Your Customer Data Perfectly Coiffed

Seamlessly sync your customer data with hundreds of third-party applications and business management tools. Export your customer data smoothly to marketing platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or Constant Contact.

Brush Up on Your Automated Reviews

Get a pulse on your services by prompting your clients to leave a review. Beambox Interactions prompts your clients to leave a review after their service. We automatically publish raving four or 5-star reviews. We encourage clients to leave internal feedback for any reviews that don’t make the cut.

Make Sure Your Positive Reviews Don’t Go Unnoticed

Like a fresh fade or new luscious locks, your reviews deserve to be noticed. When your clients rate their service a 4 or 5, Beambox automatically publishes their reviews on your TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google review pages. We do all the heavy lifting and compile them in one place within your user dashboard.

Turn a Negative Experience Into a Positive One

Everybody deserves a 5-star experience. If something falls short, Beambox helps you make it right. If your client leaves a rating of 3 stars or less, we redirect them to an internal feedback page. Read constructive criticism confidentially and reach out to your customers to turn their experience around.

Create Perfectly Curated Emails

Like your craft, your emails don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all mold. Beambox’s fully featured email designer helps you create emails that stand out from the crowd. Add titles, images and social media links easily. Did you create an email outline you love? Save it as a template for repeat use.

Turn a First Cut Into a Loyal Client With Automated Behavioral Emails

Add a personal touch with automated emails based on past visits. Nurture loyalty and repeat business by sending upkeep reminders, hair care tips, or seasonal hair trends. Expand your reach with exclusive deals such as discounted hair treatments, a free haircut or free product samples.

Increase Engagement With Targeted Text Message Marketing

Make your personalized marketing efforts 5X more powerful with text message marketing. Increase engagement and client retention with personalized and automated texts based on your client’s data. Like automated thank you messages post service, insider sales, and appointment reminders.

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Nico Bonfiglioli, Hunter Collective

"We were looking for a simple solution to allow our customers access to WiFi and help us track who was using our space. Beambox does everything we needed and more, the customer service is great and it is really easy to use."

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