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Keep your restaurant full and your customers delighted

Provide a perfect WiFi experience that connects your customers to your brand

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Take control of your WiFi with access management

Avoid loitering with time limits, manage bandwidth using speed limits and avoid out-of-hours connecting with powerful WiFi access settings.

3 steps to get online


Your guests login using their social media account, or by using their email address.


Depending on their login method, your guests can be prompted to follow you on social media.


Redirect them to your website, or display a landing page with a call to action button.

Build a customer database that grows its own value

Collect email addresses and basic information whenever a guest connects to your WiFi. Build a database of thousands of previous customers and access it straight from our platform.

Gain a new perspective of your restaurant and guests

Access an analytics platform that visualises your restaurants traffic and guest data, giving you key insights that will improve your marketing strategy and track your growth over time.

Keep your data connected to where it needs to be

Sync your guest profiles in real-time to hundreds of third party apps and services. Keep your email marketing platform up to date with integrations such as MailChimp, ConstantContact and ActiveCampaign.

Design beautiful emails

Use our built in email designer to craft branded emails easily. Add and edit pictures, capture clicks with buttons and import your email templates.

Bring in business with targetted email campaigns

Maximise your email marketing ROI like never before with our smart email filters. Decide exactly what type of guest you want to target, or reach them all at once.

Automate behavioural emailing that increases loyalty

Send personalised emails to customers when they meet a certain critera. Invite customers back who haven't visited lately, welcome new customers or just send out birthday wishes.

Use cases for Restaurants

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"Beambox is great! Ever since we implemented it at all Mom & Dads Italian restaurants, our email lists have grown by thousands. I would definitely recommend it."

Gage Smith, Mom & Dads Italian


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