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Offer free guest WiFi that doubles as a powerful marketing tool.

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Welcome Your Guests Back With an Instant WiFi Connection

Turn your eatery into a kitchen away from home with a WiFi connection that recognizes returning guests. Beambox’s WiFi pops up instantly for returning patrons. No need to search or ask for long passwords. If they have dined with you and previously connected to your WiFi, Beambox remembers and welcomes them back.

Establish a Connection Before Drinks Hit the Table


First-time guests connect to your Beambox WiFi through their social media accounts. No social media account? No worries. Your guests can log on via an online form.


You can prompt guests who log in with social media to follow your social media accounts.


Alternatively, redirect your guests to a customized landing page or webpage after they connect.

Cook Up the Perfect Login That Works in Your Favor

Show off what sets you apart from other restaurants. Customize your log-in in 5 easy steps. Highlight menu changes, feature staff stars, or create a carousel of recent Instagram posts. Craft a creative story to delight your guests as they log into your WiFi network.

Keep Sensitive Information Under Lock and Key

Beambox provides you with a separate network just for your guests. Your point of sale system and other confidential information stays on a separate network. Additionally, Beambox identifies each guest as they log in so your network remains safe and compliant.

Get To Know Your Guests and Watch Your Patronage Rise

Gain guest insights through your Beambox WiFi. The information you acquire helps you to make smart business decisions. You’ll know which dishes or drinks keep your customers returning for more. Export and analyze your customer data anytime through your Beambox user dashboard.

Connect Your Dining Data to All the Right Places

Beambox collects your valuable guest data and exports or integrates it into various third-party apps and marketing management systems. Seamlessly sync your data with marketing platforms you already use, like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign or Constant Contact.

Rake In the Rave Reviews

Glowing reviews drive more traffic to your restaurant. After your guests finish up, use Beambox Interactions to encourage them to leave a review. Our platform automatically publishes four and 5-star reviews. Experiences rated three or less are redirected to an internal feedback form.

Let Your Reputation Sizzle Across Review Sites

If your guests love your food, let them share it with the world. When diners rate their experience a 4 or 5, Beambox automatically pushes their review to TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google Review pages. No need to toggle between these sites to check out your reviews. Beambox compiles them in one place on your dashboard.

Capture Constructive Feedback Before It Goes Public

If your guest’s experience at your restaurant misses the mark and they leave a review rated three or less, Beambox intercepts it. Instead of a poor review going public, we redirect your guest to an internal feedback form. You’ll know exactly where you can improve, and you can reach out to make things right.

Delight Your Guests With Delectably Designed Emails

Leave your guests wanting more with personal, professional emails. Our email designer tool allows you to handcraft emails with titles, buttons, images, social media links and time-saving reusable templates.

Foster Loyalty With Automated Emails Based on Guest Behavior

Beambox Interactions can trigger automated emails based on guest behavior. Automatically send emails to customers that haven’t visited in a while. Or, send a discount email featuring their favorite dish or drink. Personalized emails nurture long-lasting brand loyalty and entice customers to return.

Trigger Cravings With Text Message Marketing

Text messages keep your business top of mind for your customers. Beambox can send automated texts based on your guests' interactions with your restaurant. Expect five times higher open rates over email correspondence and even higher engagement.

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Gage Smith, Mom & Dads Italian

"Beambox is a highly intuitive system, cleverly designed to provide secure guest WiFi whilst providing us as a business with innovative tools to reach and reward our customers and grow loyalty."

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