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Increase repeat business with branded email campaigns and behavioural email automation.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Beambox work worldwide?

Beambox is supported globally and is compatible with 99% of routers. We stock country-specific power adapters for almost every country.

What is a location?

In our pricing, a location is considered a physical venue. The benefit of having multiple locations is being able to segment your data, analaytics and marketing by venue.

Do you charge VAT or sales tax?

Only VAT is charged in applicable countries. A full record of your invoices can be accessed in the billing section after logging into your Beambox account.

Is Beambox GDPR compliant?

Yes, we have been GDPR compliant since its initiation and will continue to be proactive in ensuring all of our networks and data processing remain compliant. Learn more here.

What will the Beambox hardware cost me?

With our plug & play installation, the first Beambox is included with your trial. If you have a large venue to cover, we can provide additional Beambox access points for a one-time fee..

Will there be any cancellation fees?

No, all we ask is that your Beambox is returned up on cancellation. We make it easy to return your Beambox and you'll receive a return confirmation once your Beambox is received.

What support do you offer?

We offer account support in business hours and 24/7 technical support for paid subscriptions. Your support options can be found on the platform after logging in.

Who owns the data my WiFi collects?

You are the sole owner of your Beambox guest database. While we secure it safely on your behalf, we do not have permission to utilise it for any reason other than to faciliate your Beambox features.

What security and compliance does Beambox have?

All sensitive communications are SSL encrypted and our data storage is ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant. We process over 10,000,000 data points a year, so security is always a high priority.

How do I add more locations?

Once signed in, head to 'Locations' in the navigation and select 'New Location'. You'll be able to instantly add a location using any of our available installation methods.

What happens at the end of my 30 day trial?

3 days before your trial ends we will send you an email letting you know your trial is ending. This will include your plan options and a button to switch plan if you wish to do so.

Am I tied into any contracts with Beambox?

No, we process Beambox subscriptions on a rolling basis to give you complete control over your subscription. You can switch plans or cancel at any time.

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"Beambox is great! Ever since we implemented it at all Mom & Dads Italian restaurants, our email lists have grown by thousands. I would definitely recommend it."

Gage Smith, Mom & Dads Italian


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