Guest WiFi Management Software: Everything You Need To Know

Management 16 minute read 20th November 2022

Guest WiFi management software solutions are an innovative way for businesses to grow in their market niche by leveraging data collection and marketing automation.

However, it might be counterintuitive for business owners to grasp the potential of such tools without trying them out first.

Nonetheless, most businesses offer free WiFi to their customers. Therefore, setting up a WiFi marketing strategy is an existing opportunity that many business owners are not catching.

In this article, you will learn what guest WiFi management software is and how it can be used to unearth business opportunities, learn about your customers, and increase the profitability of your business.

Let’s start.

Guest WiFi Management Software: Definition and Benefits

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Guest WiFi Management software solutions are tools that help companies improve their marketing results by collecting useful customer data, automating marketing tasks, and simplifying network management operations.

Such types of software aim to improve the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and increase control over one’s WiFi connection to protect it from abusive or malicious actors.

Moreover, such types of management applications embed simplified dashboards that allow business owners to perform a variety of important tasks, without wasting time.

For example, guest WiFi management software systems let business owners manage their brand’s online reputation from one dashboard instead of bouncing from one website to another.

Guest WiFi management software solutions leverage the free WiFi offered by most businesses and comply with data protection laws and regulations in most countries.

Therefore, businesses that are already offering free WiFi to their customers have very little reason not to look into this type of system because the benefits outweigh the cost.

Here is a breakdown of the main benefits that businesses can get by implementing one guest WiFi management software:

  • Creating a data-driven customer experience
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Improving ratings on review sites (Tripadvisor, Yelp, etc.)
  • Nurturing customer loyalty
  • Automating passwords management
  • Growing social media following
  • Managing reputation on multiple local review sites
  • Setting up email marketing campaigns
  • Setting up SMS marketing campaigns
  • Managing Bandwidth allocation

Important Features of Guest WiFi Management Software

The features that make guest WiFi management software relevant to local businesses can be split into three groups:

  1. Data collection One of the most important features of guest WiFi management software is collecting your customer’s data and transforming those data into actionable insights.

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Contrary to data that you can gather on social media or other platforms, with a WiFi management application you will learn about your real customers. Those who attend your venue and use your WiFi.

Therefore, you will have a clear picture of your customer’s preferences.

By learning about your real customers, you can develop a better customer experience and customize your business to better suit your client’s expectations and needs.

  1. Marketing Automation Many business owners struggle to manage their marketing initiatives and keep up with all the existing tools and platforms.

However, being present on the platforms where your users congregate is more important than ever.

The advantage of guest WiFi management software is that it allows you to automate most marketing tasks, so you can focus on running your business.

For example, you can use WiFi management software to grow your ratings on local review sites or to build up a contact list to target with emails/SMS marketing.

Moreover, solid guest WiFi management software applications integrate smoothly with other management systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) as well as third-party marketing platforms.

  1. Network management and security A relevant feature of guest WiFi management software is that it simplifies your network management tasks.

You will be able to allocate efficiently your bandwidth, automate the creation of strong passwords and prevent your internet connection from clogging.

Unless you have a knack for IT systems or dedicated employees, guest WiFi management software will simplify your life tremendously.

Hotel Guest Management Systems vs WiFi Marketing Software

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Businesses that regularly deal with a large number of customers are the ones that can get the most out of a proper WiFi marketing solution.

Therefore, hotels and other lodging businesses have quite a few reasons to look into guest WiFi management software to increase their profitability and popularity online.

A common misconception in this field is that guest management systems and WiFi management software are the same thing.

Although these two types of software sound similar, they solve different problems for business owners.

A hotel guest management system is an application designed to help hoteliers manage their business and get a holistic view of the most important operational activities.

Such a management system can be used to discover which booking platforms are the most effective, to manage communications with customers, and to collect data about guests’ preferences.

Moreover, a hotel guest management system can be used to simplify the management of administrative tasks (reservations, invoices, etc.) and monitor recurring activities (e.g. housekeeping).

However, hotel guest management systems lack most functionalities that characterize WiFi marketing software.

In fact, when it comes to hospitality businesses, guest WiFi management software should be considered an effective marketing tool.

By using these types of software properly, business owners can collect precise data about their real customers, automate time-consuming marketing tasks, and grow the hotel’s popularity online.

In conclusion, these two types of systems complement each other.

Ideally, a hotel should implement both types of software to improve the customer experience and the profitability of the business.

How to Use Guest WiFi Management Software to Grow Your Business

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When it comes to growing your business, guest WiFi management software can be used in multiple ways to suit your business’s goals.

Are you struggling with getting reviews and growing your rating on review sites?

Then WiFi marketing software can be a game-changer.

With such a system you can automate the entire process of getting positive reviews while reducing the chances of getting negative ones.

In fact, you can set up your WiFi marketing software to automatically ask for a review from any customer who visits your venue.

Moreover, if your guests are unsatisfied and write a negative review, the software will divert that to your attention first, so you can manage it internally before it gets published.

However, a proper WiFi marketing solution offers other interesting functionalities for business owners wanting to scale up their venue’s growth.

With the right guest WiFi management software, you can build up a list of contacts that you can target with email marketing, SMS marketing, or paid Ads on your preferred platform.

How is it possible?

When your customers log into your WiFi via your customized captive portal, you can collect their credentials (informed consent will be necessary though to comply with data-protection laws).

After a while, you will find yourself with a list of contacts that you can target with your marketing initiatives.

Alternatively, you can set up your captive portal to brand your business and highlight your latest social media post.

Ultimately, the more customers you attract, the more contacts and reviews your business will receive.

Moreover, you will get tons of data about what your real customers like and dislike that you can reuse to review the entire customer experience at your venue.

Now, the questions might be:

Which is the best guest WiFi management software? Is there any free application?

Is There Any Free Guest WiFi Management Software Available?

The level of engineering behind WiFi management systems makes offering such software for free basically impossible.

Therefore, if you are looking for free guest WiFi management software you might end up quite disappointed.

However, most companies offer free trials or free versions of their platforms (with basic features only).

Unfortunately though, if you want to understand whether guest WiFi management software suits your needs, a free version with limited features will not be of any help.

To truly understand what kind of approach to WiFi marketing best suits your business, you need to have all the features available to test them.

Therefore, you are better off starting a free trial and trying out the software to its full capacity.

Then, you’ll be able to decide if upgrading is a good idea or not.

Best WiFi Management Software

Given the effectiveness of WiFi marketing for local businesses, multiple companies provide guest WiFi management software applications that fit any needs and budget.

The main differences between software relate to automation, network management, and customization.

To pick a WiFi management software that suits your business, you need to define what type of tasks you want to automate and how broad your customer base is.

The more features you want, the more expensive the software will be.

On average, WiFi management software subscription plans span from $40 to $200 a month.

However, a high price is not a guarantee of quality.

In conclusion, the best WiFi management software is one that is affordable, intuitive to use, and enriched with multiple features.

Just like Beambox.

Choosing a Guest WiFi Management Software Solution and Get the Most Out of Your Free WiFi

To summarize, guest WiFi management software systems are an effective solution that can help you scale your business through data collection and marketing automation.

Moreover, these applications allow you to secure your network from malicious actors and provide the smoothest internet experience to your paying customers.

If you are offering your customers free WiFi and NOT implementing any WiFi marketing solution, you are leaving money on the table.

Beambox is an all-in-one WiFi marketing solution that allows you to improve the efficiency of your marketing effort, while easily securing your network.

There are over 12,000 businesses that are using Beambox WiFi solution to improve their ratings on local review sites, grow their social media pages, and capture useful data about their users respecting their privacy.

Our analytics dashboard will give you useful insights about what your customers appreciate and desire from your business.

Moreover, you can customize your login page to match your brand identity and draw attention to your latest social media post or special offers currently available at your venue.

Contrary to other WiFi marketing applications there are no hidden fees and you can get started with your own hardware or through our plug-and-play device.

Do you want to give Beambox a try?

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