iBeacon vs Eddystone: Pick Your Beacon

Marketing 9 minute read 19th June 2024

You’ve probably heard of a Bluetooth beacon. Beacon technologies are clever software that targets customers based on their proximity. A beacon is a brilliant investment for any business that thrives on impulse visits. So, where does iBeacon vs Eddystone come into it?

These two technologies are different beacon options on the market. When weighing up your best choice, you must do your due research. Every software offers something slightly different, and Eddystone and iBeacon are no exception. You’ll get a different experience from each beacon software.

In this guide, we’ll weigh up these great options for you. Don’t consider it a beacon battle; it’s just a friendly and objective comparison. Understandably, you want the best option for your business, and we can help you achieve that. Here’s an introduction to both and some guidance on which one might trump the other for your business.

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What Is Eddystone Beacon?

Eddystone Beacon is Google’s creation, catering primarily to Android users. Google’s Eddystone actually gets its name after the Eddystone Lighthouse in England, symbolizing its aim to act as a handy beacon. It transmits a code and URL that anyone with Bluetooth enabled can receive on their phone.

Eddystone is the newest technology of the two and sends four packets of information:

  • Unique ID (UID)
  • URL
  • Telemetry data (TLM)
  • Ephemeral (EID)

Each packet has different uses, including TLM for fleet management and EID for security. Overall, this beacon technology is just great proximity marketing software.

What Is iBeacon?

Apple created iBeacon software in 2013. It transmits a universally unique identifier (UUID), which consists of a mixture of letters and numbers, to mobile devices. This is spectacular for those wishing to employ proximity marketing strategies and can help target customers based on location.

iBeacon was the first of its kind to emerge, and while it had a slow start, it is now well-respected in the industry. If you like Apple software, it’s also a good beacon solution.

What Are the Differences Between iBeacon vs Eddystone?

While both individual beacons offer a great form of smart marketing, some key differences exist. When weighing up Eddystone vs iBeacon, it’s wise to consider all the different variables. This way, you know which software will best suit you and your business.

Here are the real differences between iBeacon vs Eddystone:

  • Apple owns and runs iBeacon.
  • Google owns and runs Eddystone.
  • Beacon can wake up apps on IOS and Android to ensure people receive marketing alerts.
  • Eddystone doesn’t rely on apps; instead, it links to Bluetooth.
  • Eddystone is a newer technology and sends four packets of information.
  • iBeacon is an older but well-respected software that sends fewer information packets.

Realistically, you’d make an excellent choice choosing either software. As a general rule, iBeacon is an original software to consider. It has been around longer and is very trustworthy and straightforward to run. If you like Apple, it’s a good beacon deployment choice and performs well in the expected beacon standard.

On the other hand, Eddystone is younger but brilliantly developed. Thanks to its extra features, it has more frame types, and its beacon format is more nuanced. If you are up for slightly more challenging software to navigate, it rewards you with enhanced security features.

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How To Choose iBeacon vs Eddystone Beacon

The easiest way to choose between iBeacon vs Eddystone Beacon is to analyze your skillset. How confident are you with managing a beacon solution? Alternatively, how long do you have to figure one out?

We are big believers that everyone is capable of anything, but if you want a quick fix, iBeacon may be better. Similarly, if you’re a technology whizz, you’ll likely find Eddystone Beacon more beneficial with its additional features. In short:

  • Consider your existing skill set.
  • Debate whether you can upskill yourself.
  • Evaluate the need (or lack thereof) for Eddystone’s extra features.

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2 Steps After Settling the Eddystone Beacon vs iBeacon Debate

So, is that it? Have you settled the Eddystone Beacon vs iBeacon debate once and for all? Fantastic. Now you can concentrate on the even better steps.

The best thing about a proximity marketing strategy is its links to other strategies. This isn’t a “one-and-done” move but the first domino in a long chain. You can really make a difference using beacon technology as a starting point — so well done. The strategy will massively support your business and its growth.

1. Setting Up a Captive Portal

A captive portal is a great way to get the most out of guests once they cross your threshold. Think of it as a strategic development to build on your beacon. The beacon brings people over your doorway, while the WiFi ensures they return.

A captive portal is a temporary barrier, restricting internet access until guests complete a pop-up form. Business owners control what information they collect, including email addresses and loyalty program sign-ups. This helps ensure you have a long relationship with new customers, not just fleeting encounters.

2. Investing in Analysis

The analysis is another huge secondary investment to make. It’s the sort of thing you can never get enough of — how better to succeed than by evaluating your results?

The best approach is to use analysis software. You could also invest in foot traffic analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of your beacon devices.

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Beambox: Looping WiFi Marketing Into the Mix

Beacon devices are a handy addition to any toolbox, but as we said earlier, they perfectly sync with WiFi marketing. Looping WiFi marketing into the mix can be a total game changer.

In order to truly see long-term results from beacon technology, you also need to invest in customer retention. Nobody wants customers who only appear once.

Here at Beambox, our all-in-one WiFi marketing software can help you make footfall increases more permanent.

Now that you know the answer to iBeacon vs Eddystone, start your Beambox free trial today for your next steps.

Grow your business and customer loyalty with guest WiFi!

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